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for adults with ADHD.

Do you have good intentions
& slightly wandering attention?

Do you have
good intentions
& slightly wandering attention?


Live Q&A

Join us for our Monthly Live Q&A
every second Tuesday of the month!

10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern

Got questions about ADHD? Bring your burning questions and get answers from our panel of experts, coaches, guests, and coaching alumni!


Group Coaching

ADHD reWired Coaching & Accountability Groups offer an intensive group coaching experience designed for adults with ADHD, focusing on hard skills (like time management, planning, and prioritizing), soft skills (like emotional awareness and regulation), and building community. Through accountability teams and a commitment to acceptance and transformation, participants can expect to invest 6-10 hours per week over a 10-week period to achieve personal growth and improved productivity in a supportive, community-driven environment.

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“If you’re willing and able to put the work in, it’s worth the cost. The groups are small, so you receive a lot of personal attention, and get to know everyone who’s on the journey with you. It’s helped immensely with gaining awareness and perspective around impossible concepts like “time.” There are fun new strategies to learn and know, but you also spend time processing the emotional side of ADHD in a supportive, compassionate environment. I really looked forward to the coaching sessions each week.”

Cayley Waldo – Summer 2020 – Season 21


“I was blown away by the group setting. It was remarkable to be with other people who were dealing with some of the same challenges. Each week, Eric helped me evaluate my skills, clarify my goals, and establish a plan to achieve them. He is one of us and that makes a powerful impression. The authenticity he has and the vulnerability to show it amazed and inspired me. By the end of the program, I achieved many of the goals I had set for myself. Eric also helped me recognize the value of acknowledging my progress. And I am able to say that the progress I made is really amazing.”

Happy Little – Fall 2015 – Season 4



ADHD reWired is a weekly podcast hosted by Eric Tivers, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP. With more than seven million downloads over the last ten years, the ADHD reWired podcast features conversations with both ADHD experts and everyday ADHDers just like you.


Life Changing!

I began listening in 2014. I was stunned to hear the guests and Eric describe my childhood in their stories! I had never learned about my ADHD. And I was surprised to learn that it affects every aspect of my life. Not just school and work. I feel like I earned a master’s degree in Myself! Self care, grace, setting myself up for success are just a few of the very important lessons I have learned from ADHD ReWired Podcasts… Thank you Eric Tivers!


Apple Podcasts Review


Wasn’t a user of podcasts until…

This show is my Pandora’s box. I found myself being overcome with relief because 1) I’m not alone; 2) I’m not crazy, lazy, or bad (friends may debate the crazy part); and 3) there are a lot of academically and professionally successful people out there–it’s possible! It’s like walking into a community of people who understand after wandering around in the dark for so long. I’m kind of sad it’s taken me this long to find it, but glad there’s so much content that I can binge listen to it all, especially while on the road. Thank you!

-Urz trulie

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