Two Powerful Tools I Use to Increase Productivity and Decrease Distraction (1 of them is free):

Two Powerful Tools I Use to Increase Productivity and Decrease Distraction (1 of them is free):

inbox_overflow.jpg1. This FREE service will clean up your email inbox, unsubscribe you from everything you don’t want, and send 1 email a day containing all email subscriptions you do want. I’ve been using this service happily since February 2014

2. AutoSilent for iPhone/iPad – $2.99. Do you forget to turn off your ringer? Or do you forget to turn it back on? This iOS App will silence your phone during selected calendar events. Autosilent can also be used to silence your phone at specific locations or for a set time. You can activate it for the calendars you choose, the location you select, or the time you want, and eliminate interruptions during meetings and other tasks requiring your full attention. The best part is you don’t have to remember to turn your ringer back on; it does it for you — after your calendar event, at the end of the timer, or when you leave a designated area, your ringer will turn on again. If you are an Android user, type in “auto silent,” and you will find 16 apps that have 3 1/2 stars or more that do what this app does.

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