198: 2017 Year in Review

198: 2017 Year in Review

This Week’s Episode:

On this week’s episode, we’re looking at our year in review and taking a sneak peek at the year ahead.  You will just hear my voice on this episode.  Every year, I spend time reviewing my goals from the prior year.  I believe it’s critical to reflect before you look forward.

A lot of wonderful things happened in 2017, yet it was a really hard year.  You will hear what my goals, wins, and challenges were.  I also share the themes and aspects of my life and business that I am considering when looking at my goals for 2018.

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:30] – “Moving” was not on my list of goals for 2017.  This one thing was the most challenging thing of the year.
  • [07:20] – I start the year by identifying overarching themes.  In 2017, I identified joy, music, gratitude, and balance as my themes for the year.
  • [08:02] – In January, I made the decision to decrease the number of hours I was putting into my work.  I explain how our move changed this strategy.
  • [10:45] – Around April or May, I realized I was falling into a scarcity mindset.  Upon recognizing that, I made a conscious effort to have an abundance mindset.
  • [13:33] – I had a category of things I wanted to learn.  This included becoming a better writer, learning LinkedIn, and learning organizational strategies around things and stuff.
  • [17:28] – One of my goals was to launch a new website.  This was a big goal that took longer than I wanted it to, but it was a successful launch!
  • [19:13] – Another of my goals was to hire a Virtual Assistant.  That was a success with Jessica.
  • [20:05] – I had a goal of maintaining six clients for my clinical practice.  During this calendar year, I closed my practice.  I see this as a shift based on life circumstances.
  • [21:10] – My #1 podcast goal was to interview Brene Brown.  This did not happen, and I share my feelings on that.
  • [22:12] – I wanted to hit ONE MILLION downloads in this calendar year. That goal was met!
  • [22:57] – I share some other goals I had for the podcast.
  • [26:10] – When looking at specific goals, I did not hit most of them.  This serves as a reminder that goal-setting is to provide direction.
  • [27:03] – I share my goals on speaking.  I did not do anything in this category, and I blame our move.
  • [27:30] – I did hit my financial goals for this year.
  • [28:05] – I share my goals for coaching groups, which I did hit.
  • [31:40] – I talk about my Patreon goals for 2017.
  • [32:30] – Our Facebook community has been a real challenge for me.  I share why this is a challenge and describe my solution to this problem.
  • [35:18] – I share a lesson I learned from moving.
  • [37:05] – The best decision I made in 2017 was to say, “no.”
  • [38:31] – I talk about the importance of friendship.
  • [39:37] – The theme of “play” is something I need to bring back into my life.
  • [40:57] – Tomorrow, I will be taking a day to focus on annual planning.  I share some of the themes I may be focusing on in 2018.

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