306: Creativity Heals with Roxanne Jarrett

306: Creativity Heals with Roxanne Jarrett

There is healing power in being creative as Eric’s guest, Roxanne Jarrett, can testify. Roxanne is a singer and coach who performs in five languages and provides one on one intensive services to help creatives with ADHD finish their dream projects. As an arts educator, she facilitates workshops on various subjects, including acting, videography, writing, Shakespearean language, and authentic relating. Roxanne is living proof of the healing power of creativity. She practiced multiple art disciplines to heal from PTSD and no longer meets the criteria for that diagnosis.

Roxanne shares her journey of being a gifted child and the loneliness of being different. Being in high school at age twelve, college at sixteen and feeling overwhelmed and unequipped to handle the day to day struggles. Getting creative with how she studied got her through the next three years, and she graduated in four years on the Dean’s list. Listen as she speaks about grad school, her stress level and finally breaking down and being hospitalized.

Roxanne speaks about being homeless because she fell into severe depression, how blessed she feels to have been exposed to art therapies and creativity, and why she decided to make creativity her primary recovery practice. She believes that creativity doesn’t just build your self-esteem; it helps you maintain it. Roxanne shares that taking an idea from your mind and bringing it into the world by your hand is tangible proof of your value.

Even though Roxanne has faced many challenges, she has learned to see the beauty of those experiences. Can getting creative help you on your journey with ADHD? This conversation will show you the possibilities so relax and listen and hear.

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:41] Roxanne, welcome to the show!
  • [03:32] Roxanne shares her journey from being a gifted child feeling lost to the success she has now.
  • [07:10] She chats about getting noticed by a teacher for her singing voice and how life-changing that was.
  • [09:43] Roxanne started high school at age 12 and by 16 she was leaving home to go away to college.
  • [11:55] She speaks about almost failing out of college her first year but the desire to stay caused her to get resourceful and creative to bring her grades up and graduate. 
  • [12:53] Did you go to any parties or where you totally focused on academics?
  • [13:34] Roxanne shares how she organized her second year of college so that she didn’t have the same challenges as the first year.
  • [16:15] Roxanne and Eric discuss the similarities in their college experiences.
  • [23:58] Roxanne continued to improve in college and graduated in 4 years on the Dean’s list and went to grad school.
  • [25:57] She got a master’s in educational theater at NYU, directed a children’s theater, worked as a researcher for the university, and started making.
  • [27:10] How was your stress level during this time? Did you have a breakdown?
  • [28:35] Roxanne shares falling into a deep depression after grad school and her self esteem bottoming out.
  • [30:41] She chats about the fear she buried after being kidnapped by a teacher when she was in high school.
  • [35:35] Roxanne speaks about being hospitalized at 25 and how that finally helped her start the healing process. She finally felt like she had hope.
  • [40:30] She talks about being in and out of recovery therapy for many years, once she found drama therapy she learned how to speak up for herself.
  • [43:27] Do you have a small voice telling you that you are not good enough?
  • [45:11] Roxanne wants anyone who is feeling unfulfilled or depressed to get creative by any means necessary, find what brings you joy.
  • [46:15] Taking an idea from your mind and bringing it into the world by your own hand is tangible proof of your value.
  • [48:44] What do you say to someone who says I am not a creative person?
  • [53:04] You can write and create from happiness, it might look different but it can be done.
  • [54:55] How do you help people with ADHD finish projects? 
  • [57:10] Roxanne says that a lot of people with ADHD need ongoing support and accountability.
  • [1:02:06] Roxanne sings a part of “Simple Gifts” for us.
  • [1:02:46] Thank you so much, Roxanne, for being on the show! 
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