336: Mastermind Session Part 1 – Launching My Business with Natalie

336: Mastermind Session Part 1 – Launching My Business with Natalie

Could you use a mastermind group to help you start your business?” Listen as your host, Eric, and his guests Jessica, Erica, and Blake, with Natalie in the hot seat, discuss how to build a business. Natalie is an Occupational Therapist and is looking to start her own practice but needs help from the mastermind on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Natalie shares that she wants to open a cash practice that centers around invisible illnesses and work with the LGBT community as well as the Trans community. Her job is to fix people’s environments, not people, and she feels that with the insurance regulations that she isn’t allowed to help people the ways she wants to.

The mastermind discusses what part of control is important to Natalie, is she good at saying no if a client calls her on her day off, and Eric suggests she makes her company an LLC. They talk about having an accountant and an attorney to ensure she is financially safe and an attorney to be on her legal council. 

We have broken this episode into two parts, so if you notice an awkward ending, that’s the reason. Because the content is so good, we didn’t want to lose your attention by playing the entire hour and twenty-minute show. So stay tuned for Part 2, dropping into your feed tomorrow. 

You’ll learn:

  • [02:35] Welcome to the show, everyone!
  • [03:18] Natalie kicks it off with her reason for being on the hot seat.
  • [05:33] Natalie is speaking about having a cash practice with no insurance billing.
  • [06:59] Her job is to fix people’s environments, not people.
  • [08:43] Natalie shares how big an LGBT community that they have in Indianapolis.
  • [10:05] Blake speaks about how concise and put together Natalie’s plans are.
  • [11:20] Blake wants to know what control is important to Natalie.
  • [13:21] Eric asks how good she is at saying no.
  • [15:29] Erica wants to know if anyone else is doing this business model that Natalie wants to do, and if she knows what she needs to make monthly.
  • [16:51] Jessica speaks about being let down by the healthcare system and proud of Natalie for wanting to build her practice.
  • [24:10] Eric discusses the first steps that Natalie needs to think about.
  • [26:03] Eric suggests that Natalie makes her company an LLC.
  • [27:30] Blake shares some thoughts he has on this.
  • [29:01] Natalie speaks about finding an accountant to handle the financial side of the business.
  • [34:33] Erica wants to know if Natalie has a place where she has been putting all her ideas.
  • [35:56] How developed is your audience on your YouTube channel?
  • [38:34] Natalie discusses what certificates that she can get that will allow her to charge more.
  • [41:13] Eric says that there are people who move things forward in healthcare, and there are people who don’t want to change.
  • [43:30] Eric suggests that Natalie get an attorney as she starts this business.
  • [45:37] Thank you for listening to part 1. We will drop part 2 tomorrow.
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