357: Accept The Brain You Have with Terry Huff

357: Accept The Brain You Have with Terry Huff

“If you don’t want your ADHD to disrupt your life, then don’t say you can’t do something.” Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Terry Huff discuss the important idea of accepting the brain you have, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Terry is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist specializing in adults with ADHD; he is a blogger and the author of Living Well with ADHD, which came out in 2016. He has practiced in the Nashville area for 31 years and is the founder of ADD Nashville, a support group he founded in 2005. Terry leads workshops and has presented at international conferences on ADHD, and has had a personal meditation practice for over 25 years.

Listen, as Terry discusses practicing meditation and how meditation can help you notice your mind. If you practice compassion meditation, you can strengthen the brain areas that are involved with empathy. Terry also shares a story about his wife and how it has been possible for her to stay by his side for the forty-plus years they have been married.

Do you get frustrated with your ADHD? Terry shares some resets, tips, and techniques you can use to access more of your brain and learn to accept your brain with ADHD. Terry believes that if you wake up every morning and tell yourself you have ADHD, and you will possibly screw up today, you probably won’t.

You’ll learn:

  • [03:17] Welcome to the show, Terry!
  • [03:55] Terry shares his background and his journey to where he is today.
  • [06:32] Terry speaks about losing open awareness when he was on medicine.
  • [08:47] Terry discusses practicing meditation and the type that helped him.
  • [11:47] Listen, as Terry tells a story about a situation with a client that changed how he helped his clients.
  • [15:02] The goal of meditation isn’t to quiet the mind; the goal is to notice the mind.
  • [18:46] “The moment that we accept ourselves exactly as we are in the moment we can begin to change,”
  • [21:02] People who practice compassion meditation seem to strengthen the brain areas that are involved in empathy.
  • [28:03] Do you teach and guide people in meditation?
  • [28:49] Terry defines cognitive therapy.
  • [32:12] Be gentle with yourself; you didn’t ask for this.
  • [33:40] Terry tells people you have ADHD, act as if you know it.
  • [35:41] Terry speaks about his wife and how she has always stayed right by his side during his ADHD journey.
  • [37:21] Are there times that you get frustrated with your ADHD? You are not alone.
  • [39:17] Terry shares an embarrassing story about himself.
  • [41:45] Terry discusses why rewards and punishments don’t work on people with ADHD.
  • [42:49] Preventing the problems in your life that ADHD can cause you are the way.
  • [47:59] Terry says to wake up every morning and tell yourself you have ADHD and why.
  • [50:12] Accept that your memory isn’t reliable, and it won’t be a problem for you.
  • [51:49] What are some concrete things that someone can do that is having trouble accepting their brain with ADHD?
  • [54:32] Terry shares some resets you can do to access more of your brain.
  • [56:48] Thank you for listening to the show!
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1 thought on “357: Accept The Brain You Have with Terry Huff”

  1. Terry, I loved when you said something about not liking the phrase “if it is important enough you’ll remember it/ do something about it” because that is not how we ADHD’ers work.
    It just hit my heart because I know it doesn’t work like that for me either, but it is the first time I heard it said out loud. That one sentence make me feel less alone – THANK YOU!


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