386 | Why is it so Hard to Plan a Vacation? with ADHD reWired Coach Moira Maybin

386 | Why is it so Hard to Plan a Vacation? with ADHD reWired Coach Moira Maybin

Planning a vacation is hard. It’s even harder when you have ADHD! Listen in as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest – fellow podcaster and ADHD reWired Coach – Moira Maybin of The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle brainstorm some of the ways you can plan an ADHD-Friendly vacation in an ADHD-Friendly way.
About Moira:
Moira Maybin has spent 25 years as an educator, working in classrooms, in special education and, as a learning assistance teacher with an educational psychology background. She lived through years of overwhelm and failed attempts at trying harder that compromised her self-care, physical, and mental health until finally receiving her ADHD Diagnosis.
After experiencing a terrifying fall off a 50-foot cliff in 2018 that left her with serious injuries, she knew she had to commit to creating an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle and give up on trying harder if she really wanted to thrive. She’s since re-shaped her life completely for a better fit, based on current research. Moira has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to diving in deep to learn as much as she can about ADHD and its impact on women.
Now she’s opening up about what it’s like being a woman with late-diagnosed ADHD and a mom of two children, sharing the knowledge she’s gained on her own personal journey, and as an educator and advocate for people with ADHD.
What will you find in this episode?
[00:02:05] – Eric & Moira talk about why this was a second attempt at recording an episode together
[00:02:35] – Eric & Moira recognize when it’s time to take the “exit ramp”
[00:03:00] – Eric talks about struggling planning a vacation; Moira talks about her own experiences of not being able to relax at home, and how going away was the only way to decompress.
[00:03:45] – One of the challenges for Eric is figuring out when to take a vacation. He talks about being stuck on a 7-year merry-go-round wondering when the right time will be.
[00:04:19] – Moira shares her own experience when she got into teaching but didn’t end up actually going anywhere during the summers.
[00:04:35] – Moira asks Eric if he’s spent some time wondering and dreaming as he talks about a Phish concert he’s been waitlisted for.
[00:06:05] – Moira acknowledges how Eric describes most of the things she does in advance of a trip, and how having a narrow focus is not so overwhelming.
[00:06:30] – Moira says he might need another vacation after Eric’s big trip, and why.
[00:07:35] – Moira talks about “training” to figure out what to take and what not to take during trips and shows.
[00:08:00] – Moira mentions making packing lists for herself and her family and doesn’t try to think up anything on her own; using lists as a frame of reference and other resources to help save executive functions are extremely helpful.
[00:08:40] – Eric jumps in and mentions and
[00:10:00] – Eric has a big question: What happens if a spot (for the Phish concert) doesn’t open up? Moira shares her thoughts, what to watch for with airlines and tickets, how travelling on points is easier to change, and having a back-up plan.
[00:12:00] – Moira asks Eric what else he likes to do and if going for an event or going for something completely different is part of a vacation for him.
[00:12:47] – Eric thinks an all-inclusive resort sounds amazing because you don’t have to plan much and likes the idea of going somewhere warm and sunny.
[00:13:33] – Eric and Moira talk about how you can find others who have done some of the research and work already because they’ve already been there.
[00:14:10] – One of the things that has helped Moira the most is going somewhere more than once.
[00:14:26] – Mentioned here →
[00:15:00] – Moira talk about timeshares and points to limit the systems she has to navigate when planning a vacation, while Eric asks her about “glamp”-ing
[00:16:33] – Eric says he needs to make vacations a part of his life as Moira talks about why she needs to make vacations a part of her life, and how it’s evolved with growing kids.
[00:18:33] – Eric and Moira say there just isn’t really a good time (to vacation), so we need to make time to do it.
[00:23:37] – Eric asks about other ways to have a more ADHD-friendly vacation
[00:24:38] – Eric and Moira talk about guided tours, cupcakes, bike rentals, and routines
[00:25:38] – Moira and Eric share some thoughts about Disney World
[00:26:16] – Moira recommends to piggy-back off of folks who have the experiences and get the information from them to help narrow the scope of your research
[00:26:52] – Eric and Moira talk about dietary and food sensitivities and ways to work with and around them
[00:28:14] – Moira recommends travelling where you can have a kitchen, find places that do breakfast, and to hit-up a Costco!
[00:30:20] – Eric asks Moira how far she plans in advance
[00:30:34] – Eric and Moira talk about how time-shares actually work
[00:31:59] – Eric calls out all the listeners who have planned vacations to share their ADHD-friendly tips!
[00:32:29] – Eric and Moira talk about planning recovery days after a vacation, having a vacation within a vacation, and why it’s important
[00:33:12] – Costco car-rental, anyone?
[00:33:55] – Start with these two things: When and What.
[00:35:04] – Eric and Moira talk about other all-inclusive resorts and other features of vacationing in different places.
[00:37:26] – Eric confirms a theme of narrowing the focus.
[00:38:26] – Eric and Moira talk about cruises
[00:39:36] – Moira talks about Googling slow-travel
[00:40:08] – Canada is pretty cool, too 😉
[00:41:06] – Moira just might host a vacation-planning session in the Adult Study Hall Community!
[00:42:09] – Eric checks if he’s still on the waitlist….
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