395 | Race Car Brain with Nicolas Hunziker

395 | Race Car Brain with Nicolas Hunziker

Nicolas was first originally from Switzerland. He’s a long-time motoring enthusiast, licensed racer, and fourth-generation painter. He now lives and works in the U.S. as a professional automotive fine artist. 

He trained at Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design and incorporates many elements of Art Deco advertising posters in his paintings – a style he called, “Period Correct.” He’s worked with the likes of Porsche, 24h Le Mans, McLaren, and Ford, to create one-of-a-kind art pieces and automotive-themed design prints for apparel and products. 

[00:03:26] – Nicolas talks about a 20-foot painting he was commissioned to do in 2015 for Porsche and says more about his artwork and his business. 

[00:04:30] – Mentioned here: Hunziker Design – HUNZIKER 

[00:05:29] – Hear more about Nicolas’ family history of artists, Art Deco, photography, and postmodernism. 

[00:07:01] – Nicolas gives an honest answer when people ask him how they can become a painter, his thoughts on corporate culture, the types of clients he’s worked with, and what he did before becoming a full-time painter. 

[00:10:07] – A relatable moment of time-blindness is mentioned here. (Implied; the phrase, “time-blindness” is not actually mentioned here.) Then, Eric and Nicolas dive more into ADHD and how it’s “the worst-named disorder in the world”, the difference between hyperfocus and flow, and how Nicolas experiences hyperfocus. 

[00:14:19] – Eric talks about the COVID hobby he picked up – painting – and asks Nicolas about changing brushes. 

A question for the listener: Is it just Eric? Or do you think painters with ADHD have to buy more brushes because “we” don’t clean them off fast enough? 

[00:21:47] – Nicolas answers Eric’s question: “From what you’re learning so far, how do you see ADHD showing up in your work, in a way that challenges your work?”

Here, Nicolas opens up about mindfulness and other tools he uses, and how he organizes his environment. He also opens up about impulse control and not being able to say “no”, being an instigator, and how his ADHD affects his business and relationship. 

[00:24:05] – Eric and Nicolas talk about starting “22 things at the same time”, deadlines, and perfectionism. Later, they talk about how long it can take Nicolas to finish a painting.

[00:27:52] – Hear a helpful reframe on how hyperfocus can potentially be more draining, rather than a superpower. Then, Nicolas talks about the energy differences when he paints versus sketching, how long it takes him to figure out details for historical accuracy, and how perfectionism plays a role. 

[00:34:03] – Mentioned here: VIRTUAL FREEDOM – More Time More Productivity More Freedom

[00:43:26] – Nicolas shares how his ADHD has affected his relationship, the challenges they’ve had to face together, and how a fantastic referral led him to his ADHD diagnosis. 

[00:46:26] – Eric and Nicolas share a moment when it comes to filling out forms and how they change their handwriting. 

[00:48:07] – Nicolas talks about the research phase of ADHD, how he’s still learning, how the scope of his ADHD has affected his life and the people around him, losing things, and getting derailed.

Unintentional tip from Nicolas: Walk around with paper in your hand, it looks like you’re going somewhere. Or, you can hold a phone to your ear! 

[00:51:18] – Eric and Nicolas talk about auditory processing and dyscalculia, recalling conversations, emotional scarring, and the messiness of sequencing events. Then, they talk about taking notes and how Leonardo da Vinci would handwrite.

[00:53:59] – Nicolas opens up about communication challenges, his triggers, his tendencies, and his awareness of his reactions. 

[00:56:49] – Nicolas shares an analogy about an intention versus the effect of the intention. 

[00:58:39] – Eric and Nicolas talk more about being emotionally laden, emotional defense mechanisms, and forgetfulness. 

[01:01:56] – Nicolas gives his thanks. He hopes this episode can help someone listening to his story, too.

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