399 | Workplace Accommodations: Do I Need to Disclose? with Kat Hoyer

399 | Workplace Accommodations: Do I Need to Disclose? with Kat Hoyer


In this episode, Eric talks with recovering HR Manager, Kat Hoyer, about disclosing ADHD in the workplace, the reasonable accommodations that can be requested, how you can communicate what you need to work best, and more!

About Kat Hoyer: 

Kat is a “recovering HR (Human Resources) manager” and started as a member of ADHD reWired’s Coaching and Accountability Groups back in 2015. She is the creator of the Steer Your Life Coaching Program and has Steer-Certified coaching across the country. Her business, SYLC Consulting brings holistic workplace development to organizations where she helps organizations talk about stress management, emotional intelligence, and cognitive agility. 

[00:02:45] – How do we, as people with ADHD, advocate for ourselves in the workplace for what we need without saying we have ADHD? 

[00:06:54] – What types of accommodations can we ask for?

[00:08:23] – What does an accommodation look like, or how can we work through it? 

[00:09:06] – How can accommodations that we feel we need be beneficial to whatever the mission or the goals of the company are? What happens if we are denied accommodations? 

[00:12:16] – If we are searching for a job, what are some of the questions we can ask during the interview process without disclosing our ADHD?

[00:20:09] – Eric talks about what he’s learned & about getting accommodations and what he asked for.

[00:22:28] – What exactly are reasonable accommodations? 

[00:25:01] – Eric & Kat talk about working extra hours, communication, requesting feedback, and advocating for yourself in a way that is solutions-oriented.

[00:30:03] – Self-acceptance & self-awareness can make it easier to advocate for ourselves. 

[00:37:27] – Neurodiversity in the workplace: Where does it stand? 

[00:39:32] – Has the workplace evolved? What about hybrid models? What if we’re struggling with this hybrid model? 

[00:42:49] – What can managers and bosses do to be more supportive of neurodivergent brains?

[00:44:51] – What’s the perfect job for someone with ADHD? 

[00:46:39] – Is it a toxic work environment? 

[00:47:39] – Kat speaks to her experiences in ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability groups, the tools that has helped others, and the positive things she has seen from people who have gone through the coaching groups. 

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