423 | Is Work a Struggle? with Alex Gilbert

423 | Is Work a Struggle? with Alex Gilbert

In this episode, Eric is joined by New York’s Alex Gilbert who is a Mets fan, yogi, and brunch enthusiast. Alex also has dyslexia and ADHD, being diagnosed at 8 years old. After spending a career working in leadership development, she decided to start a consulting and coaching business that helps adults with learning disabilities and ADHD (just like her!) who have been struggling in their careers. Her business is called “Cape-Able Consulting”, creating it to help people navigate their day-to-day workloads so they feel supported so they can reach their highest potential!

You’ll hear how Alex’s experiences in school led to her diagnoses, how she began advocating for herself and finding accommodations that worked for her, and the importance of knowing yourself and what you need before beginning to self-advocate.

Then, you’ll hear differences between best practices and best principles, ways to ask for what you need, and why knowing about her ADHD at a young age wasn’t necessarily an advantage. You’ll even hear Eric use one of his own accommodations in real time!

Connect with Alex: 

Other Topics & Questions in this Episode:

  • How did Alex create a program for students to advocate for themselves?
  • How did the self-advocacy skills from school transfer to the workplace?
  • Why is it important to know yourself and your needs before disclosing ADHD?
  • Without disclosing their ADHD, are there any suggestions for an employee to test the water before fully disclosing?
  • How can employers support their employees who are neurodivergent? How can employers draw out their strengths?
  • What does the boss do when they are the ones with ADHD?
  • What was the most valuable accommodation Eric utilized in college?
  • If Alex had a magic wand to turn all workplaces into ADHD-friendly workplaces, what would change?

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