447 | ADHD, Academia, and How we Learn with Camille Roney

447 | ADHD, Academia, and How we Learn with Camille Roney

In this episode, Eric is joined by Camille Roney, who is a certified academic life coach, whose work has appeared in the New York Journal, Quizlet, Motivate MD, and more!  Camille empowers students to start earning high grades while studying less and enjoying the process. 

You’ll hear Camille and Eric talk about the importance of curiosity and experimentation, why having different ways of absorbing information can depend on the content we are trying to absorb, the art of being bored, and using our calendars to reflect our values.

Next, Eric and Camille discuss the benefits of allowing our minds to wander, strategies to be attentive to what we are reading, questions to prompt our curiosity, giving ourselves space, the next steps someone can take when they’re ready to self-advocate, and addressing our internal dialogue when we’re questioning our paths.

Finally, you’ll hear what not to do when writing a paper, trauma, burnout, self-appreciation, getting to the “why” behind the paths we choose, how the cost of education has changed, and why it’s ok to pause and enjoy the experience.

Connect with Camille: 

Other Questions & Topics in this Episode:

  • What prompted Camille to go down the path as an academic life coach? 
  • How does Camille help people to discover how they learn? 
  • What is value-based time-blocking? 
  • What is the value of learning how to be bored? 
  • How can you stay attentive while reading? 
  • How does Camille help someone determine if they’re down the “wrong” educational path or if they need to develop study skills? 
  • What does Camille do to help students with writing?
  • When someone is pursuing a highly competitive field, how does Camille work with them? 

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