456 | Stop Putting Others First with ADHD Physician Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh

456 | Stop Putting Others First with ADHD Physician Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh

This week, Eric is joined by Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, also known as Dr. D, a family-medicine physician, clinic medical director, and chief medical officer.  Dr. D is also the founder of OverAchieve Life Coaching.  Prior to discovering coaching, Diana typically had 200 charts open and a “graveyard” of unfinished projects.  

Now, she’s on a mission to empower healthcare professionals to create simple systems that support their zone-of-genius and reclaim their freedom of time as her clients learn to leave work at work.  She is happily married with two children and enjoys travel, painting, Zumba, yoga nidra meditation, and exploring different cultures! 

In this episode, you’ll hear Eric and Dr. Diana talk about her struggles through medical school, the pressures she experienced, and what led to her ADHD diagnosis.  Then, you’ll hear discussions on the importance of self-care, how we can advocate for ourselves and how we communicate, and putting ourselves first.  

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Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode:

  • [00:03:59] “You need to stop putting your clients and patients first!”  What does Dr. Diana mean? 
  • [00:05:14]  Dr. Diana talks about living in self-neglect.
  • [00:09:00]  Eric and Dr. Diana discuss the statistics of life-expectancy for those of us with ADHD. 
  • [00:10:08]  Dr. Diana shares her ADHD story. 
  • [00:11:59]  How did Dr. Diana get through medical school before her ADHD diagnosis? 
  • [00:14:37]  Dr. Diana shares the catalyst that led to her diagnosis and how her cultural background and upbringing implanted the ideas to “just work hard” and “do whatever it takes.” 
  • [00:22:16]  Dr. Diana shares more about the pressure of being the first person in her family to pursue further education. 
  • [00:23.29]  How does Dr. Diana set up her environment for the most success?  What has coaching taught her? 
  • [00:26.19]  How does Dr. Diana communicate with her patients? 
  • [00:28:12]  Eric and Dr. Diana discuss their thoughts about ADHD as a gift. 
  • [00:31:50]  Eric and Dr. Diana talk about boundaries and how she has conversations around her own boundaries.  
  • [00:35:36]  “Boundaries from a place of love and a place of compassion.” 
  • [00:39:35] “How do we leave work at work?”
  • [00:45:12] What does Dr. Diana recommend patients say to their doctors if they encounter a physician that doesn’t believe in ADHD, believes that ADHD is something that is ‘grown-out-of’, etc.? 
  • [00:48:31] Dr. Diana shares her definition of success and shares some words of wisdom for listeners.

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