457 | What’s Your Relationship with Feedback? with Chris Wang

457 | What’s Your Relationship with Feedback? with Chris Wang

This week, Eric is joined by Chris Wang, the cofounder and CEO of Shimmer, an ADHD startup offering bite-sized coaching to individuals with ADHD!  Chris is an entrepreneur, social-impact advocate, angel investor, growth consultant, and forever tinkerer.  She believes strongly that business should be used as a force for good, and that positive impact not only isn’t the enemy of profit, but is a catalyst. 

This thesis underpins every decision she makes, especially when it comes to the communities she is a part of and cares the most about, the communities including LGBTQ+, AAPI (Asian-American Pacific Islander), women, non-binary, and neurodiversity – especially with ADHD. 

Find out more about Shimmer at!

Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode:

  • [00:02:26] Chris talks about getting prepared for the show
  • [00:03:20] Eric asks Chris about her story launching Shimmer 
  • [00:04:12] Chris shares her experience as a kid and where the messages of “being a kid” came from
  • [00:07:19] Eric asks Chris about a “failure” from a previous business venture 
  • [00:08:18] “I have the learning, it’s on a sticky note!” -Chris 
  • [00:10:14] Where did Chris learn all of the skills she has now that’s led to personal growth and building a business? 
  • [00:11:33] Eric pokes Chris’s brain: “How did you figure out what you needed to figure out?” 
  • [00:15:09] Chris shares her journey with feedback and how it’s been used to improve Shimmer
  • [00:23:14] Chris walks us through different types of feedback sessions, inspired by 
  • [00:26:53] What kind of person does it take to engage in vulnerable and courageous conversation? 
  • [00:28:36] Chris shares an example of the language used when engaging in a feedback session 
  • [00:33:28] “Sometimes feedback stings.” Chris talks about dealing with the sting of feedback. 
  • [00:37:50] How do you get back up from negative or critical feedback? 
  • [00:42:51] Chris shares more about what Shimmer is all about 
  • [00:50:23] What is Chris most excited about with Shimmer? 
  • [00:54:49] “What are you nerding-out about lately” and the importance of having something fun to do outside of business 
  • [00:59:58] Chris gives listeners her final thoughts

Resources & Honorable Mentions:

  • Tool: Notion (also an editor’s favorite!)

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