480 | Creativity Reignited with Faigie Kobre

480 | Creativity Reignited with Faigie Kobre

This week, Faigie Kobre joins Eric on the podcast for a discussion on reigniting creativity.  Faigie is a creative coach for people who don’t feel artistic but love art!  She works with people who have creativity scars and think they “aren’t creative” because they can’t draw.  She has a passion for reconnecting people with their inner creativity to bring calm, color, and joy into their lives.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about Eric’s journey with music, why people stop tapping into their creativity, why Faigie is trying to bring art back to everybody who wants to come back to it, and her start as an early childhood educator.  Then, you’ll hear about creativity scars, comparison, perfectionism, the healing and sensory benefits of creativity, and how anyone at any age can tap into their creativity.

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  • [00:01:45] “Everybody is born creative.” – Faigie
  • [00:04:52] “There’s so many ways to do art where you don’t have to know how to draw.”
  • [00:05:19] What was it that drew Faigie to not just creativity and art, but also using creativity and art to connect with others and help other people?
  • [00:07:26] Faigie gets hooked on mixed-media art and getting people back to their childhoods
  • [00:08:45] A discussion on play in the realm of creativity and allowing it to flourish
  • [00:11:33] An intersection between being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and interest in artwork
  • [00:12:59] What is T.A.B.? (Teaching for Artistic Behavior)
  • [00:13:42] “In schools […] it’s more about how the art makes the teacher look” and being punished for the expression of an idea
  • [00:18:13] What are creativity scars?
  • [00:20:28] “Comparison is the thief of joy,” learning to create, and enjoying the process
  • [00:21:51] Eric shares his journey with painting and a discussion on cleaning up after an art session
  • [00:24:08] Using an art journal and how general creativity can help someone combat perfectionism
  • [00:26:01] Faigie shares five mediums of art that have tremendous opportunities for creativity
  • [00:27:47] Eric asks why art is such an impactful medium for people with ADHD: “How is this helping us?”
  • [00:34:23] A discussion on getting started when we don’t know where to start
  • [00:38:48] Eric asks, “As an artist with ADHD, how do you know when a piece of work is done?”
  • [00:40:09] Color schemes and color wheels
  • [00:45:17] Closing thoughts


Honorable Mentions:

  • “…so many adults feel non-creative because of how they were squashed when they were kids.”

  • “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

  • “The idea of play is that you’re doing it for no purpose other than the enjoyment of it.”

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