489 | Organization is a Learnable Skill with Lisa Woodruff

489 | Organization is a Learnable Skill with Lisa Woodruff

In this episode, the owner of Organize365 – Lisa Woodruff –  joins Eric on the podcast!  Organize365 has conducted academic research, establishing the definitions of house work, home organization, and the weight of paper in the American home.  This ongoing research is making the invisible work at home visible to all, so we can eliminate it, free people from the monotonous tasks of daily living, and unlock our time for what we are uniquely created to do!  Lisa is also a natural tinkerer and a lover of puzzles, a kindergarten teacher, used to organize people’s homes when she used to babysit, and even used to organize teachers’ classrooms.

If you’re wondering how you can get your home organized, then this is the episode to listen to, because today, Eric and Lisa will discuss the idea that organization is a learnable skill! 

You’ll hear some of Lisa’s rules for taking on new projects and her 24-hour rule, visual clutter, what to do with incomplete projects, where piles come from, and breaking down the Sunday Basket.

  • Find Lisa’s book, her research and her podcast at! (click here!)
  • Find Organize365 on YouTube @organize365 (click here!)


  • [00:01:51] Introducing Lisa 
  • [00:03:11] What was the “why” for Lisa to get into becoming organized? 
  • [00:07:11] What are the helpful questions that Lisa asks her clients? 
  • [00:10:09] A brief discussion on (perceptions of) minimalism  
  • [00:10:38] How do we live more through having less? (And is “less” the “right” answer?) 
  • [00:12:26] “So what?” and a discussion about visual clutter and accumulating projects and hobbies 
  • [00:16:20] Clutter, piles, and what to do with purchases and returns 
  • [00:19:43] ADHD and home ownership 
  • [00:23:27] What is the Sunday Basket? And Lisa’s thoughts about “being behind” when organizing 
  • [00:27:03] What are the Four Binders?
  • [00:31:51] Questions to ask yourself when utilizing your calendar and staying organized 
  • [00:34:53] Taking care of financial documents 
  • [00:41:57] Lisa shares her ADHD story and a discussion on executive function and working memory 
  • [00:47:22] Diving into Lisa’s academic studies about organization as a skill 
  • [00:51:18] How many people care about being organized?  
  • [00:55:12] Lisa on investing in our household and what’s in our control 
  • [00:56:58] Closing thoughts 

Resources & Honorable Mentions:

  • “If you have something that’s working for YOU, absolutely do not change it!” – Lisa 
  • “Stop trying to get an “A” in your housework.” – Lisa 


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