495 | July 2023 Live Q&A with ADHD reWired!

495 | July 2023 Live Q&A with ADHD reWired!

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In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions about entrepreneurship, getting unstuck, learning from failures, setting boundaries, how coaching can help, systems as an artistic process, and more!  

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  • [00:01:10] Introducing today’s panelists!
  • [00:02:45] A listener, who was diagnosed in February 2023 and works in education, asks the panelists about using their skills to help others – specifically those with ADHD.  What advice does the panel have to get unstuck and get started?
  • [00:05:46] Eric asks what the listener would do if they were asked the same question.
  • [00:12:08] Brian chimes in about struggling to find time to launch a business outside of work.
  • [00:16:01] “How can I find more clarity and do something that’s going to be really powerful so I can follow that instead of doing way-too-many-things?”
  • [00:18:19] Faisal talks about values and short-term goals.
  • [00:21:35] Laura discusses the differences between excitement, overwhelm, getting overwhelmed from being excited, and feelings of boredom.
  • [00:26:25] A listener, who is also a mom of two young children, is having difficulty “getting back into the groove” of their freelance work.  What strategies do the panelists have to bounce back, and could the listener have time for group coaching?
  • [00:28:51] Eric asks about self-care strategies.
  • [00:30:56] Kristin talks about the impact on parents who have kids with special needs and medical needs.
  • [00:34:13] Laura addresses how the coaching groups can help.
  • [00:35:59] Eric asks about having boundaries around work-blocks and self-care.
  • [00:39:09] A discussion about our inner critics and gardening!
  • [00:44:02] “Can [ADHD reWired’s coaching groups] help people uncover what their goals/wants are? I think not knowing what I want and indecision are my biggest issues.”
  • [00:45:37] Laura talks about people-pleasing, going with the flow, finding out who we are, and uncovering what’s truly important to us.
  • [00:47:01] “Group is an experiential learning experience… Our biases [don’t] allow us to see how we’re doing these things that [aren’t] making it easier for us to move towards success.” – Faisal
  • [00:48:58] Kristin addresses bringing life to group-coaching to integrate tools and strategies.
  • [00:50:22] Brian talks about the differences between individual coaching and group coaching.
  • [00:53:01] Kristin asks about creating systems.
  • [00:55:40] Systems as an artistic process.
  • [00:58:07] Closing thoughts.

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