498 | Will I Ever be Content? with Dana Crews, MA, MBSR, ADHD-CSP

498 | Will I Ever be Content? with Dana Crews, MA, MBSR, ADHD-CSP

In today’s show, Eric is joined by Dana Crews!  Dana has been a coach, educator, facilitator, and trainer in the behavioral health and mental health field for over 15 years.  She is currently combining her own personal practice, unique life experience, and education in the ancient wisdom traditions together with modern psychology and behavioral and neuroscience research in her newly-created mindfulness ADHD life-coaching business: Second Arrow Life Coaching! 

Dana is an advocate for invisible disabilities and neurodivergence.  She believes that knowing and connecting to your core values and practicing basic mindfulness and yogic techniques allows us to transform self-judgment and fear into constructive reflection, insight, compassion, health, and creative solutions.


  • [00:01:11] Introducing Dana
  • [00:03:08] What is the difference between satisfaction and contentment?
  • [00:05:03] Exploring contentedness and its different avenues
  • [00:06:32] Where is the overlap and what is separate between contentment and gratitude?
  • [00:11:51] A discussion about the discomfort in familiarity
  • [00:14:24] Is the struggle of holding onto contentment an issue of emotional self-regulation?
  • [00:20:00] How much of the struggle around contentment comes from societal ideas of feeling content and ADHD brains needing novelty?
  • [00:21:40] A discussion on Buddhist psychology and philosophy
  • [00:23:52] How does one strive through the lens of Buddhist philosophy?
  • [00:27:27] Not thinking about the future vs. over-planning for the future
  • [00:29:40] Overidentification, rumination, and separation of self
  • [00:31:32] How much of being able to experience being content has to do with resilience?
  • [00:39:40] Dana shares more about growing up, undiagnosed ADHD, travel, and meeting the Dalai Lama
  • [00:41:58] What is Ayurveda?
  • [00:44:33] How can self-awareness inform our understanding of our experiences?
  • [00:46:30] A moment of an idea of contentment
  • [00:48:26] Closing thoughts

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