499 | Gender Queerness and AuDHD with Rainbow

499 | Gender Queerness and AuDHD with Rainbow

In today’s show, Eric is joined by Bowie Winnike, a.k.a. Rainbow!  Rainbow is a gender doula and neurodivergent support coach with a background in art, education, activism, and mental health.  They are deeply rooted in the trans community and have a passion for co-imagining deeper levels of communal accessible care.

In this episode, you’ll hear Eric and Rainbow explore gender, the different intersections of oneself, and coming out!  You’ll also hear them talk about what a gender doula is, unmasking, and transitions.  Finally, you’ll also hear about the importance of community, the possibilities through the process, the difference between being accepted vs. being valued for who you are, and more!


  • [00:01:11] Introducing Rainbow
  • [00:02:58] Rainbow talks about the challenges of feeling like they didn’t fit in
  • [00:08:44] Addressing discomfort, and being “othered”
  • [00:10:51] “What if we could just release these expectations?” and a discussion on masking
  • [00:14:32] Rainbow opens up about living their truth in the midst of fear
  • [00:22:42] What is a gender doula, and how can they help?
  • [00:24:46] ADHD, transitions, and identity
  • [00:29:43] Eric asks Rainbow about living their truth and how it’s affected their neurodivergence
  • [00:33:56] A transformational artform, being celebrated, and stirring the pot
  • [00:41:13] Neurodivergence in LGBTQ+ communities and pushing the boundaries of “normal”
  • [00:48:24] Closing thoughts

Resources & Honorable Mentions

  • Book – Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto by Trisha Hersey (click here!)
  • Book – Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon (click here!)
  • Essay – Audre Lorde: The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action (click here!)

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