520 | Can Micro Habits and Micro Workouts Help – with Jeremy Nagel

520 | Can Micro Habits and Micro Workouts Help – with Jeremy Nagel

This week, Jeremy Nagel joins Eric on the show!  Jeremy is a neuro-spicy software developer turned startup founder who is slightly obsessed with habits!  He likes to start each day with a 2-hour morning routine and sometimes surprises colleagues by busting out a set of pushups during meetings to keep the energy high!  When he’s not working on startups, he enjoys cross-country skiing, trail-running, and cycling with his wife.  Jeremy also hosts the podcast, “Focus and Chill”, a show about productivity for neurodivergent people! 

Find more from Jeremy:

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  • Find the podcast at – “Focus and Chill” (click here!)
  • Get in touch with Jeremy on LinkedIn (click here!)

In this episode, you’ll hear tips and discussions about:

  • Micro-workouts to boost focus, mechanical multi-tasking through energy slumps & maintaining energy
  • “Busy hands, quiet mind.” / Hyper-focus vs. the counterintuitive ideas of taking a break
  • The benefits of actually stepping away and taking breaks
  • Ways that your room or environments affect bigger- or smaller-picture thinking
  • How do you stop when the focus feels good? / “Feeling are convincing liars.”
  • Accountability, and body-doubling
  • Consistency, resiliency, the law of averages, & the importance of learning your own patterns
  • Addressing and dealing with stress, stressors, and burnout through physical activity
  • Micro-workouts as a tool to manage emotional storms and dysregulation
  • Exercise “snacks” and bite-sized workouts: Defining allotted times and types of workouts/movement
  • Self-talk strategies when “I don’t want to!”
  • How do we modify or set up our environments to be more conducive for what we want and/or need to do?
  • Consistency, variations, flexibility in routines, and small actions adding up over time
  • “The more we are able to get ourselves into various routines, the less we are having to tax our executive functions to do the work we’re trying to do within those routines.”
  • “Stopping requires executive function.”
  • Helpful in-the-moment vs. helpful in the long-term, not struggling alone, and self-compassion
  • When we’re doing everything right but our brain has other plans
  • Externalizing executive functioning for days when the EF-tank is low
  • Having limits in place and the power of the Pause
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and dishes as a mindfulness practice

Resources & Honorable Mentions 

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  • Book: Burnout – The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle – by Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA (Official Website) (Goodreads)

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