320: 6 Years of Podcasting Listeners Share Stories

320: 6 Years of Podcasting Listeners Share Stories

Have you ever done anything consistently for six years? Listen, as your host, Eric, and all 20+ guests share stories about their connection to ADHD reWired and how the show has helped them on their ADHD journey. Join us as we celebrate six years of podcasting on this special episode of ADHD reWired,  

Jessica shares what she has learned from Eric and how the show and being part of the ADHD community has helped her understand how her brain works. Adeola speaks about how he gained insight into his ADHD through the show and what he has accomplished in his life since he started listening to the podcast. Natalie talks about signing up for coaching with Eric after she heard her first episode, and Dr. Millican discusses what she is doing now.

Listen, as Sharon speaks about how she found Eric and the podcast, another Jessica tells her story, and Eric shares what ADHD reWired is all about. Jessica Stilwell speaks about the scholarship she helped create for coaching groups, and Andrea talks about being diagnosed when she was nine but not understanding it until she started listening to the podcast. Jessica McCabe plays a song on her Ukulele and sings the beautiful words that mean so much to her.

Gail discusses her diagnosis at age 58, and how she didn’t have any information on it until she started listening to the show. MJ speaks about how she ended up in the community, and Daniel says he has no idea how he found Eric, but he is glad he did. These are just some of the stories from listeners who have been impacted by the ADHD reWired podcast, and they are all very grateful to Eric for shedding light on ADHD.

You’ll learn:

  • [03:00] Hello, everyone!
  • [03:51] Jessica McCabe shares where she heard of the show and how much she has learned from Eric.
  • [06:19] Jessica thanks Eric for him helping her understand her brain.
  • [08:11] How has being a part of an ADHD community helped you on your journey?
  • [10:52] Adeola says he gained more insight into his ADHD and what he has accomplished since listening to the show.
  • [12:35] Did many people reach out to you after you were on the show?
  • [14:31] Natalie speaks about when she first started listening to the podcast and how she signed up for coaching right after she listened to the first episode.
  • [17:01] She shares when she heard Eric say thank you to her on episode 300.
  • [18:55] Adre chats about listening to the podcast for many years and how she met a bunch of people in Eric’sEric’s mastermind.
  • [21:34] The mastermind group let her know that she was good enough.
  • [23:38] Hello Dr. Millican, how are you?
  • [24:30] Eric shares who Dr. Millican is and what she is excited about doing now.
  • [25:22] She is writing a book and is gathering words and artwork from people with ADHD. The website is
  • [28:31] Sharon shares her story and how she found Eric and the podcast.
  • [30:14] Sharon is now advising a group of coaches to notice the difference between ADHD and willpower.
  • [39:00] Jessica says congratulations for six years and shares her story and diagnosis.
  • [40:37] She speaks about starting at episode 1 and working her way through to the most current one.
  • [42:46] Jessica joined a coaching group to be able to show up in her life.
  • [44:31] Getting together, having a growth mindset, and working on stuff together is what ADHD reWired is all about.
  • [46:04] Jessica Stilwell helped create a scholarship for the coaching group and has been listening to the podcast since the beginning and joined the accountability group.
  • [49:22] How is your inbox? Is it still a struggle?
  • [51:04] Andrea shares that she is very new to the group and was diagnosed with ADHD when she was nine.
  • [53:09] She feels like in the last couple of weeks listening to the podcast she has learned more about herself than ever before.
  • [54:52] Pat speaks about being in the most recent batch of the accountability group.
  • [56:56] Thank you, Eric, for all the work you have done.
  • [59:11] Jessica McCabe plays a song for us on her Ukelele that has a lot of meaning for her.
  • [1:07:26] Gail discusses being diagnosed at age 58, but she still felt like there was no information for her, it wasn’t until she met an adult ADHD coach.
  • [1:10:31] She speaks about the fantastic support she has found in the community during this pandemic.
  • [1:13:10] MJ shares how she ended up in the community and how she stumbled upon the podcast.
  • [1:15:32] She loves being a part of such a like-minded group and she is a top-level Patreon.
  • [1:16:17] Daniel says he has no idea how he found the podcast. 
  • [1:17:30] He signed up for the coaching groups and noted that it helped so much and knowing that he wasn’t alone.
  • [1:19:56] Emily wants to express her gratitude and share her story.
  • [1:20:39] She always considered herself chronically disorganized because she couldn’t handle her email.
  • [1:21:49] ADHD reWired is the first podcast she ever listened to and then signed up for an accountability group.
  • [1:24:14] Mimota shares her story and what it felt like to connect with people.
  • [1:27:00] Barbara shares what it has been like for her to get to know this community.
  • [1:28:36] Thank you all for being here.
  • [1:29:22] ADHD is the best community to connect to online.
  • [1:30:00] We will do this again around year ten.
  • [1:31:41] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and on our Patreon at

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