346: Mastermind Session – Routines with Jessica

Routines are difficult to build, and they take time, but if you slowly begin doing the same thing every day, you will gradually build a routine one brick at a time. Listen to this mastermind episode with Eric, Natalie, Blake, Erika with Jessica in the hot seat. Jessica has difficulties juggling the important things in her life. They discuss Jessica’s hypervigilance, how she notices when she is being sucked into it, and how to get out of it once she is in it.

345: Mastermind Session: Sticking To The Plan with Erika

What role does your schedule play in your effort to get things done? Listen to this mastermind episode with Eric, Jessica, Natalie, Blake, and Erika in the hot seat. Erika needs help with actually looking at and following the schedule she makes for herself on this episode of ADHD reWired.

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