“I learned a lot from Eric’s webinar, “Timers and Reminders: Smart tools and Brain-wise Strategies,” so I asked him to be my coach in these areas. He is exceeding my expectations in his ability to clarify and address time management issues I’ve had for years. Eric listens carefully, and provides creative and effective suggestions. I’m using everything from sticky-notes to my iPhone with much better results in managing my time and attention. I can recommend Eric highly, especially to teens and adults who struggle with ADHD.” 

Service Category: ADHD CoachYear first hired: 2013

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

-Jane H, TN, from LinkedIn

“I first had the opportunity to work with Eric as a supervisor and clinician at Little City. Eric is a very creative and talented clinician with a true passion for his profession. Eric is always interested in working to develop hands-on learning opportunities for staff that not only provide rich information, but opportunities in a supportive setting for staff to apply their understanding in the context of working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Eric is truly a maven within the field. He not only continually seeks to expand his knowledge and skills, but also makes efforts to share them with others to inspire social change and promote dignity and respect.” February 11, 2010

– Jessica French

Manager Center for Workplace Learning, Little City Foundation 

“Eric is a compassionate, mission-driven professional. It was a pleasure to be in his presence, and a pleasure to connect with him in order to accomplish our unified goals with the resources that had to work with. I would recommend Eric to anyone who is looking for an energetic and creative source.” January 25, 2010

-Casey Carraher 

Recruiter, Little City Foundation

“Eric is a highly competent clinician who deeply cares for the welfare of others. He is a strong advocate for social justice and brings energy and excitement to team situations.” January 26, 2010

-Shawn Jeffers

Executive Director, Little City Foundation

“Eric was very a dedicated manager with a strong passion for our Mission. He was hard-working and had a strong work ethic. Eric was very consciencious and gave 110%.” January 30, 2010

– Christine Grace, SPHR

Human Resources Director, Little City Foundation 

“Mr. Tivers, who is both a clinical social worker and a school social worker, specializes in working with individuals who have autism, ADD and related disabilities. He was recommended to us by another family, and I was very impressed during the consultation we had with Mr. Tivers. He has a positive, encouraging attitude, and specializes in issues around disclosure. In my experience, this is not an area in which many professionals feel comfortable.” 

-Review from JJs List

“Eric Tivers has helped my son who has High-Functioning Autism better understand himself and helped him gain much needed social understanding of his relationships with others in the world. He also is the only therapist that we have worked with that genuinely cares about involves, and supports our entire family. He walked us through telling our son about his diagnosis by leading and facilitating an activity in which each member of the family identified our strengths and challenges and helped us define sensory differences. He then congratulated our son for having high-functioning autism, and being unique just like Einstein, Mozart, Van Gogh and many other individuals that have made important and great contributions to the world. Before we met Eric Tivers, my husband and I were dreading having to do this ourselves. By doing it with Mr. Tivers, this turned into a wonderful pivotal moment for my son, his typically developing brother-our entire family!!!”

– Andrea D. Reviewed in Chicago Parent Magizine 

“We have been blessed to have found Eric back in September of 2010. The only bad thing I can say use that I wish I had found him sooner!!! He’s made such HUGE progress on my son with Aspergers, as well as helping our entire family cope with some of the pitfalls of being on the spectrum. He’s always been able to make me see the bright side when we have a a bit of a roller coaster ride, and hes always such a motivating young man for our son. We TRULY enjoy seeing Eric weekly and are super grateful for all he’s done for our family! Eric is part of our family now.”

– Jenn B  Reviewed in Chicago Parent Magizine 


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