363: ADHD Diversified with MJ Siemens

363: ADHD Diversified with MJ Siemens

Do you feel you are a failure because you can’t meet expectations? Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest MJ Siemens have a fun episode where they share a bit of MJ’s story and give you a chance to get to know MJ a little more. MJ is about to launch a new podcast called ADHD Diversified so stayed tuned for more information about her launch, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

MJ shares about her new podcast ADHD Diversified, what it will be about, and how she plans to have humor while discussing serious topics that haven’t been talked about. MJ also talks about how being stereotyped because she is of Asian descent and how she professionally handles people.

MJ speaks about having Trichotillomania, and because of it, she wears a hat so that she doesn’t pull her hair out. She also discusses being diagnosed with ADHD, the intake assessment, the first visit with a psychiatrist, and being diagnosed with multi-levels of ADHD. MJ shares her family’s response to her diagnosis and how it was the total opposite of how she thought they would react.

MJ shares what she hopes to learn from the guests she brings on her show, and she wants to let people know they are not alone. There are many resources available if you know where to look, and she wants to help people find those resources. MJ says that it took years for her to figure out that she wasn’t stupid and that it was ok to be different. She hopes she can show others to be themselves, so they don’t have to feel the way she did.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:44] Welcome to the show, MJ!
  • [05:08] MJ wants her show to be funny and laid back while discussing serious topics that haven’t been talked about.
  • [07:31] MJ shares how she reacts to people stereotyping her because she is of Asian descent.
  • [10:15] Listen as they play MJ’s trailer for the new podcast.
  • [14:12] MJ says that she is medicated and professional during the day, but in the evening and during this podcast, she is more relaxed.
  • [17:05] MJ wears a hat so that she doesn’t pull out her hair because she has a serious case of Trichotillomania.
  • [20:00] humorously talking about diversity is a different way to approach it that isn’t so thorny.
  • [22:55] Eric believes it’s important to be curious and has an open dialogue around racism.
  • [25:30] MJ speaks about not fitting in anywhere because she isn’t Asian enough and isn’t western enough.
  • [28:30] MJ was told by teachers that she was twice-exceptional, but she didn’t know what that meant.
  • [36:30] They share how much they love Brendan Mahan.
  • [39:01] MJ speaks about some things she always did that were examples of her ADHD.
  • [43:57] Women with undiagnosed ADHD are sometimes misdiagnosed with other things.
  • [46:14] MJ was surprised when her psychiatrist invited her partner into her first visit.
  • [54:32] MJ talks about how her family reacted when she told them about her diagnosis.
  • [57:46] MJ shares posting a small call out to see if any other Asians in the group had ADHD.
  • [1:00:10] Eric speaks about MJ’s Lego room and how cool it is.
  • [1:02:41] MJ discusses the stereotype that she should have been very smart academically because she is Asian.
  • [1:04:30] Eric says that it is fun to watch MJ connect things because she does it quickly.
  • [1:06:41] MJ believes that one of the beautiful things about having an ADHD brain is they have a unique way of problem-solving.
  • [1:07:38] What do you hope to learn with the guests you bring on your podcast?
  • [1:10:01] MJ wants people to know they are not alone as long as the resources are being used.
  • [1:12:02] It has taken MJ years to know that she isn’t stupid and being different is ok.
  • [1:13:52] Thank you for being on the show!
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1 thought on “363: ADHD Diversified with MJ Siemens”

  1. So I wanted to write so many things and my ADHD brain just kept jumbling them up, so I decided to make it simple: I think you both are awesome, and I really like MJ’s voice. So I’d love to hear more podcasts from you, MJ, diversity is such an important topic for everyone and listening to you just start the recording and talking about what comes to your mind just is so awesome. I mean you really grab my attention doing it that way, like the unedited video footage on movies sometimes. It’s raw and real and crazy and awful and fun and sad and happy. You’re a human with emotions. I connect with that. It’s helping me, a 53 yr old male, finally connect with my own feelings about many topics and life in general. The world needs your voice. And the world needs more of you and Eric in it. I feel like I’m plopping down on a couch, grabbing a coffee and hanging out with you two! Anyway, love the podcasts and thank you for being you!


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