276: HSP, Empaths, Sleep, and ADHD with Susie Gutierrez

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Susie Gutierrez a singer, songwriter, actor, and all-around creative soul. We talk about her journey to being diagnosed with ADHD, how being empathic has impacted her relationships, and how important sleep schedules are.

We talk about topics ranging from her short-lived career as a mascot to her songwriting journey. We also discuss the reasons she stopped seeing a therapist and instead started working with an ADHD coach. She also shares how important giving yourself permission to practice self-love is. 

Susie was a blast to have on the show! She has an amazing upbeat personality and sheds light on different facets of living with and managing ADHD. Check out our conversation to gain some insights on how ADHD may be affecting your life.

Your Resources

https://hsperson.com/ | Dr. Elaine Aron
https://tannergers.com/ | Tanner Gers
ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:21] Welcome back! Susie Gutierrez and I chat all about HSP and related topics.
  • [05:18] Working as a mascot was a way of hiding for Susie, is she still hiding? 
  • [08:28] Susie describes what it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP).
  • [11:50] HSP is not a DSM but it is something that we need to be careful about.
  • [16:08] Susie chats about her weird sensory triggers like whispering and baby talk.
  • [22:35] Back from the break and we move into stimulation seeking behaviors we have.
  • [26:07] Susie chats about how her high level of empathy and her ADHD diagnosis has affected personal relationships.
  • [33:30] Susie shares her sleep issues and her belief that they are related to her ADHD.
  • [39:38] Susie was diagnosed two years ago and is on her first round of medications. We chat about the changes in her life since introducing meds (when she takes them).
  • [52:36] Therapy and coaching help in completely different ways but both are valuable.
  • [55:29] Does being an empath connect with improv? 
  • [1:01:11] Self-love is so important, give yourself permission to take care of you.
  • [1:03:27] Check out Susie on Medium, Instagram, and YouTube
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