163: Q&A March 2017

Q&A March 2017 | ADHD reWired

163: Q&A March 2017

This week, we bring you a recorded session of a live ADHD Q&A session.  The recording you will hear on this episode is from the March session.  Nisha Subramanian joins me to moderate this event.

If you are listening to this episode the day it is published, Tuesday, April 11th, you can participate in the April ADHD Q&A session!  It starts at 12:30pm Central.  Go to to register.

On this episode, you will hear a variety of questions that we received for this Q&A session.  We talk about accountability, group conversation dynamics, and strategies with organization and motivation.  Toward the end of this episode, Nisha and I share one of our struggles with the ADHD reWired community, and we ask live viewers for advice.

You’ll Learn:

  • [08:45] – Anne asks how to help her college freshman with his executive challenges when he is far away. I share my personal experience with college and discovering I have ADHD when I was in college. I share some ways that he can get some support while away at college.

  • [12:15] – Sarah asks a question about making accountability work, as she requires a level of accountability that asks a lot of the other person. Nisha and I talk about accountability.

  • [17:17] – Rebecca has ADHD and is a therapist that is starting her private practice. She asks for tips on keeping up with paperwork. I talk about my experience in starting my own business.

  • [20:55] – Eileen asks about knowing the appropriate time to speak in group conversations. I encourage her to ask for feedback from her friends.

  • [24:52] – Tiffany asks how to stop over-sharing. Experts say that oversharing is fueled by our insecurities.  I ask, “Are you sharing something that you’ve dealt with?” and encourage you to ask yourself, “Why am I sharing this?”

  • [29:07] – Sarah asks re-framing a task you have a lot of resistance towards. Nisha shares her experience with having a resistance towards writing.

  • [33:54] – Liz joins the call to ask about lists. She asks for tools or tips to update these lists.  Liz is currently using Evernote, and I explain how Evernote may not be the best tool for this.  I explain how I set up my boards.

  • [40:54] – Anthony shares that if he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t do anything. He asks for help in this area. I have a lot of strategies for this situation because I struggle with this.

  • [46:37] – Nisha and I talk about one of our struggles, which is managing the ADHD reWired Facebook group. We ask live viewers for advice on handling this situation.

  • [53:52] – Teresa asks when I was first diagnosed with ADHD.

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