ADHD & Time-Blindness: What to do when your internal clock never came with batteries.

ADHD & Time-Blindness: What to do when your internal clock never came with batteries.

Do what you have to, but if you ask me, I believe that wearing a watch is a must. Sometimes ADHDers can verge on obsessive when they find a strategy that works. I say, “If it works, do more if it, if it doesn’t, do less.” Teaching by examples, my clients find it humorous that I actually have 8 time keeping devices going during therapy and coaching sessions. I have a large analog wall clock, 2 Time Timers, (one for ADHD-Time set for 50 minutes) the other with the real time set for an hour. A digital clock next to the 3 inch Time Timer next to my chair. I have a Time Tracker, which uses green, yellow and red lights to cue you show as to you where you are in time.  It can also make noises, but I usually mute the sound. I have a vibrating hip timer I use to cue me during the last 15 minutes of a session.  This helps me with attention shifting, as I have 6 unique vibrating cues that tell me where I am in time. Finally, I have use my wrist watch with dual chronographs and an alarm. You can call it obsessive, or even borderline neurotic, but I’d rather think if it as effective.  So, If it works do it, if it doesn’t don’t

Update on 2/11/14: I no longer use as man timers as I used during therapy and coaching sessions.  I’ve cut down to 1-3 timers.  

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