305: Aggie Mastermind – Phone and Text Communications

305: Aggie Mastermind – Phone and Text Communications

Welcome to episode 305 of ADHD reWired a mastermind session with your host Eric and a panel featuring Roxy, Tina, and Will. Aggie is in the hot seat, talking about expectations around communication and establishing boundaries around her need for it. She also wants to set boundaries when it comes to her phone and other areas daily so that she feels more productive and less stressed.

The group discuss Aggies issues with replying to texts with an affirmative to meet up with friends later but then not making it or being late. She chats about how people’s expectations of her make her feel like a failure because she can’t live up to them even though she tries.

Have you ever wanted to turn your phone off and be unreachable? Listen in as they talk about the habits they all have around their phones and how in the moment you can be when your phone is off. Aggie speaks about not paying attention when texting someone back and giving them the wrong information, not remembering events that are texted to her, and maybe trying to add the events to her calendar consistently. 

Do you have trouble with communication? Are you on time for commitments? Listen to this fantastic conversation, and see if any of this sounds like you or someone you know. These mastermind sessions are a great way to get thoughts and insights from your peers on issues that you might think only affect you. Take notes, phone a friend, or just sit back and plugin but you won’t want to miss this episode.

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:08] The mastermind today will be with Aggie.
  • [03:03] Aggie tells us what she wants help with.
  • [04:25] What other should be we know about?
  • [06:04] Do you feel like there have been changes with communication since your mastermind a year ago?
  • [08:13] They discuss her scheduled social interaction and what happens with it.
  • [09:10] What questions do you all have, Roxy, Tina or Will?
  • [09:50] Aggie says when the request is immediately she is more successful with going.
  • [11:13] Roxy wants Aggie to expand on the expectations of others and the challenges.
  • [13:40] Do you feel shame when you don’t return calls or texts?
  • [15:00] Aggie discusses being late and her friends being upset because it always happens.
  • [16:48] Can you have people in your life that you feel comfortable having a conversation about your struggles?
  • [18:11] Will speaks about the issues that Aggie has been having.
  • [20:38] Do you like the feeling of being off the and no one can get a hold of you?
  • [21:57] They discuss having automatic messages saying when you will return calls.
  • [26:41] The group chats about their phone habits and when they turn them off.
  • [29:17] Do you sleep at night? Do you get texts when you are asleep? Yes, you can make it so that people can’t contact you at certain times.
  • [31:23] Aggie discusses what time would be a great time to not have her phone on.
  • [32:44] Where do you find your cellphone helpful as a tool?
  • [34:04] Roxy talks about the wallpaper on her phone that says, “Why are you here?”
  • [36:10] Will speaks about how he uses his phone and the roadblocks he uses.
  • [37:43] Aggie in what way are you being distracted by your phone?
  • [40:01] Have you ever messed up a reply when texting someone because you weren’t paying attention?
  • [44:20] You can add events on your text directly to your calendar, do you do that consistently?
  • [48:04] Roxy adds her insight to texting and it not being casual anymore. She also speaks to a failproof way of communication for Aggie.
  • [50:58] Aggie chats about taking a pause before replying to text messages.
  • [52:44] Roxy tells Aggie what she used to do to cover the face of her phone so she couldn’t see messages.
  • [53:28] Will talks about his Apple watch and how that has helped him when viewing and replying to text messages.
  • [55:05] How often do you get long texts from people? Do you send long texts?
  • [59:01] Finding Aggie a spot to text from, so she has to go there to text.
  • [1:00:51] Maybe only using your computer when replying so that you can schedule for more than just a day.
  • [1:01:46] Any other commitments you want to share right now?
  • [1:02:08] I hope this was helpful to you, Aggie, and I hope it was helpful to you, the listeners.
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