270: April Q&A

270: April Q&A

Welcome to this month’s live Q&A episode! I’ll start off myself (as my co-host is either mid-interview or heading back to join me). Let’s dive in! First, Kimberly asks about ADHD and PTSD, since her doctor suggested that she might only have PTSD and seemed to completely discount the ADHD. She’s also curious about gut bacteria helping with executive function. We’ll dig into both topics, including the point that trauma is about how we perceive a situation.

Marisol then joins the episode. As a microbiologist, she has some insight into gut-brain connection and the role of gut flora. She recommends starting by looking into the NIH Human Microbiome Project and journal articles from the American Society for Microbiology. (Meanwhile, someone in chat recommends Heads Up Health.)

After the first break, Brendan is back! We then hear from Marisol about her question, which is about thinking your feelings instead of feeling your feelings. Sometimes, for example, someone can feel anxious about something without having the physical components.

Other questions we’ll address in today’s episode include how long after diagnosis it takes to start getting ADHD under control, whether imposter syndrome is linked to ADHD (and what to do about it), what to do when you’re tired of self-care, the role of exercise for people with mobility limitations, and more!

Your Resources

NIH Human Microbiome Project
American Society for Microbiology
Brené Brown
Fighting Imposter Syndrome | TED
The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD | John F. Taylor
My Brain Still Needs Glasses | Annick Vincent

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:25] Eric welcomes listeners to the monthly Q&A.
  • [01:59] Kimberly shares a question about ADHD and PTSD.
  • [05:07] We hear about how Kimberly was first diagnosed with ADHD, and what led to her diagnosis.
  • [08:01] How does Kimberly see her difficult past experiences impacting her?
  • [10:48] Kimberly talks about her next steps in scheduling appointments with therapists (both where she is now, and where she’s moving to soon).
  • [11:53] I share my thoughts on the gut bacteria link to executive function.
  • [13:55] Marisol joins the episode, and starts off by talking about whether she has any insights into the gut-brain connection.
  • [18:40] Brendan is back! He talks about how his radio interview went, then we dig into Marisol’s question about thinking your feelings.
  • [23:21] We hear Brendan’s thoughts on the topic of thinking your feelings.
  • [25:34] How long after diagnosis does it take for you to start to get your ADHD symptoms under control?
  • [29:20] It’s really important to focus on permission when talking about self-care.
  • [32:16] What is Marsol’s support system around ADHD?
  • [35:25] The next round of coaching groups starts July 15th!
  • [36:00] Mimi asks whether imposter syndrome is a typical ADHD thing, and how to eradicate it.
  • [40:51] Brendan shares a story involving an event that he mistook the date for.
  • [43:41] What do you do when you’re tired of self-care?
  • [45:48] We compare productivity systems and performance.
  • [47:59] Sheila’s question involves suggestions about exercise for people with limited mobility.
  • [53:43] Mary wants to know how to catch herself when she starts spending too long on the wrong thing.
  • [57:52] We hear one more question, this time from Robert. He wants to know where to begin as an adult with an ADHD diagnosis.
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