Bonus Episode: One Of 15 Million (CHADD)

Bonus Episode: One of 15 Million (CHADD) | ADHD reWired

Bonus Episode: One Of 15 Million (CHADD)

with Ari Tuckman

Ari Tuckman and Eric discuss Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) and its recent funding push to save the organization. CHADD is a national non-profit organization providing education, research, support, and advocacy for the fifteen million people in the United States with ADHD.

Help the CHADD organization by donating to their fundraising campaign here:

Why Is CHADD In Trouble?

  • It’s in trouble for the same reason many non-profits are – money.

  • Most of the work CHADD does is performed through volunteers. All of the board and committee members are unpaid. Nonetheless, they’re a national organization with a budget of three million dollars

  • Over the past few years, some of the funding sources for CHADD have changed. CHADD has had to shift gears and change its cost structure to adapt and bring in more revenue.

  • The profit made from the annual CHADD conference helps to support all of the other free services the organization provides. Over the last few years, attendance has dropped, while exhibitions and sponsorships are fewer in number. Specific issues, like the federal government shutdown in 2013, may have contributed to lower attendance at the D.C.-based show.

  • Ari: CHADD is responding to their funding situation with different ways of obtaining revenue via creating products to sell. So, I have every faith that CHADD will continue to be strong and have some great things in its future.

  • Right now, what CHADD needs is a few bucks to bridge between what it used to be and what it will become.

What value does the average person with ADHD receive from CHADD?

  • CHADD is a foundation upon which many other ADHD organizations and information sources base their work.

  • As a member of CHADD, you receive the informative Attention Magazine.

  • Local chapters of CHADD provide a great resource for help and information.

  • The annual CHADD conference is an incredible experience. Not only can it be personally satisfying, but it really helps aid in the dissemination of knowledge about ADHD.

  • Ari: I always walk out of the CHADD conferences knowing a whole bunch more than when I walked in. The information learned at CHADD conferences has informed the books, articles, and podcasts I’ve made.

  • Eric: My first CHADD conference five years ago was humbling. It’s impressive to see how much CHADD has contributed to providing good information to the ADHD community.

  • CHADD just commissioned a study where they looked at people commenting on the effectiveness of their child’s IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) and found that the vast majority of them were not being appropriately followed. Studies like these help to shine a light on the depth and breadth of problems that may be present for those with ADHD.

  • Eric: Without CHADD, ADHD would not be an eligibility criteria for IEPs.

  • When there was a shortage of various ADHD medications, CHADD sent representatives to Washington D.C. to talk with the FDA.

  • Ari: If you think that ADHD doesn’t get enough attention, credibility, or legitimacy – if you think it sucks now, it will only be worse if CHADD is less strong and able to the work it does.

  • Eric: People writing about how ADHD doesn’t exist, and such, might have more of a voice in the absence of CHADD’s.


  • It’s very easy to say that someone else will pay for a membership, but then not enough people pay and we all suffer.

  • CHADD does so much more than what you or I are doing as individuals.

  • There have been an appallingly small number of people actually making donations.

  • We’re all going to be much worse-off if CHADD doesn’t exist anymore or only exists in a drastically scaled down capacity.

Help the CHADD organization by donating to their fundraising campaign here:

Other information:


  • Northern Illinois chapter of CHADD

    • Meets  on the third Monday of every month at 6:45 PM

    • Located in Grayslake, Illinois

(CHADD does not endorse this podcast)

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