BONUS COVID-19 Questions answered by Diana Hagar

BONUS COVID-19 Questions answered by Diana Hagar

Hey there, ADHD reWired listeners, this is not a typical episode. This is a bonus episode that I am dropping in your feed. It is audio from a webinar with Dr. Diana Hager that we recorded on April 1, 2020. Diana is a medical doctor and a member of the ADHD reWired community, and I am just really grateful that she could spend an hour with us answering questions from a lot of you.

Diana answered questions from the ADHD community on a variety of things like, how to keep yourself safe if you have asthma if you have kept yourself at home for two weeks can you be reasonably sure you don’t have the virus and her thoughts on working from home. She also addressed how to keep people six feet away from you when they don’t understand the meaning of social distancing and where to find your states updated information on the number of infected people and deaths from the coronavirus.

They discuss throwing away the bags you bring your groceries home in, taking off your shoes when you walk in the door, and washing down your fruits and vegetables. Diana believes that you can use soap instead of disinfectants and that if you rinse with hot salty water, you can reduce your risk by forty to fifty percent. 

Diana also debunks some myths around the virus and believes that it will not go away; we are all going to become immune to it. The virus doesn’t seem to mutate as fast as the flu virus, so she believes that it will take about two years for a new strain to hit, and by then we should have a decent vaccination. 

Diana shares that dealing with this virus while also having ADHD has enhanced all of her symptoms and made everything more intense. Have you noticed the same thing? Do you have any questions? This is the episode you need to listen to, so sit back and hit play.

You’ll learn:

  • [03:14] Enjoy this special bonus episode with Dr. Diana Hager.
  • [03:20] Diana starts out by giving us a little of her background and qualifications.
  • [03:55] How has COVID19 impacted your work?
  • [04:40] Diana answers Tara’s question about how to keep safe when you have asthma.
  • [07:11] Can we be reasonably confident that we don’t have the virus if we have been quarantined for over two weeks?
  • [09:22] Diana believes that if you work from home, you don’t have to worry about touching your face at your desk.
  • [10:58] How do you suggest we keep people six feet away from us when they don’t seem to understand why.
  • [13:31] Diana shares the world map that is updated with total infected and total deaths.
  • [16:00] Check your state’s health department for the most accurate totals.
  • [18:00] Eric speaks about how he handled the sack he got his prescriptions in.
  • [19:07] How can my partner, who is installing air conditioning units, protect himself when he goes to people’s homes?
  • [21:40] Diana doesn’t think regular cloth masks are effective when working in the medical field.
  • [24:35] Diana believes that sleep is very important, sleep when you can get your full amount of sleep will help your immune system the most.
  • [26:01] Covering your hair and rinsing off your groceries are things that you should do when bringing your groceries home.
  • [28:03] How can we keep ourselves from being bored to death?
  • [30:05] Diana says that when our percent per day comes down below ten percent, the curve is flattening.
  • [33:59] Can I use soap instead of disinfectants?
  • [34:49] Diana shares that gargling with hot salty water can help forty to fifty percent.
  • [36:51] How can you tell looking at a death rate of say 10% whether that is due to insufficient testing or the overwhelmed medical system?
  • [38:18] Diana speaks that it could be another month before they do widespread testing.
  • [41:06] What should someone do if they have an urgent medical need and they live in a hot spot?
  • [44:16] Diana addresses a question about being exposed from walking on our dog’s paws or the road.
  • [45:37] Diana says that the virus is nothing more than a strand of genes inside of a protein capsule.
  • [47:18] How do we handle mail and Amazon deliveries?
  • [48:10] As a doctor with ADHD, how is ADHD showing up for you with all of this? Has it become more intense?
  • [49:49] Diana debunks some myths around the virus.
  • [51:12] Are we going to have to deal with this in the fall?
  • [52:56] Are babies safe? Are children? Expectant mothers?
  • [55:05] Is there anything else you want to share with the listeners?
  • [55:29] Thank you so much for coming on the show and answering questions.

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