133: Free to be ADHD with Brandy Wynn

133: Free to be ADHD with Brandy Wynn | ADHD reWired

133: Free to be ADHD with Brandy Wynn

Brandy Wynn is a self-identified marketing maven in-the-making. Diagnosed at the age of 30, now at 40, she’s enjoying her freedom from the box. In this conversation, you’ll learn what “freedom from the box” means.

Brandy has been an entrepreneur from an early age.  You will hear her describe her life and entrepreneur journey.  As a student in her 40s, Brandy describes why she is pursuing her MBA, despite the popular opinion that entrepreneurs don’t need to achieve this level of education.  She also shares her experience with advocating for herself in the world of education.  When Brandy sits in the hot-seat, we look at her strategies in her education.  In this discussion, I suggest that Brandy outsources will-power via Kitchen Safe. I also suggest she use Waze.

Brandy shares some insight into her personal views on ADHD, and in particular, her brand of ADHD.  In describing her “freedom from the box”, she talks about being comfortable in your own skin.  This leads to a discussion on “people first” language and how individuals might prefer to describe themselves and their diagnosis.

Connect with Brandy Wynn:

You’ll Learn:

  • [2:10] – “Freedom from the box”

  • [3:04] – Brandy talks about her hesitancy to talk about her diagnosis.

  • [4:48] – Brandy describes her brand of ADHD.

  • [6:55] – Brandy is close to receiving her degree and she talks about her life as a student.

  • [9:00] – Self-advocating in the world of education.

  • [13:33] – “I don’t have a problem; I have a disability.”

  • [14:44] – Brandy talks about speaking at CHADD.

  • [15:50] – Brandy shares how she describes and identifies her ADHD diagnosis.  This leads to a discussion about “people first” language.

  • [19:13] – Brandy explains why she is would be uncomfortable with giving a Ted Talk.

  • [23:15] – Brandy claims to be “the worst ever” with relationships.

  • [27:11] – Now is the best time to be able to be comfortable in your own skin.

  • [29:36] – Brandy shares her entrepreneurship story.

  • [36:45] – Brandy explains why she wants her MBA.

  • [39:00] – Brandy talks about the role of religion in her life and her journey.

  • [41:50] – Brandy talks about two books, The Value in the Valley and In the Meantime.

  • [43:03] – Brandy Wynn sits in the hot-seat.  In this discussion, we look at her academic strategies and timeliness.

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  1. One of my friends is suffering from ADHD for almost 2 years and she has been seeing many doctors for better treatment. And as a friend, I also wanted to help her and found your article very relatable. Brandy is a real fighter and I am truly touched with her experience. I suggested my friend to hear her experience and she is also trying to better herself gradually. Thanks for sharing such amazing experience.


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