107: Attention Engagement Completion with Cameron Gott

Cameron Gott is the co-developer and senior trainer of the Coach Approach for Organizers™ program. An ADHD coach, Cameron works with professionals who want to match action with intention and take their game to the next level. Besides coaching adults with ADHD, Cam mentors ADHD coaches-in-training and writes about a variety of ADHD work topics at his Global Creative blog . He is the chief architect of The AEC Model utilized in our advanced ADHD coach training course.  With a background in education, Cam took his first coaching training in 1998 and subsequently received training and certification through the demanding program at The Coaches Training Institute™.

Cameron’s Story

  • After being Diagnosed with ADHD Cameron discovered that articulating ADHD is a critical step in ADHD Awareness

  • Half of the people in the world do not think about thinking

  • Cameron was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 28 while working as a teacher at a Quaker School

  • Cameron was a “Gentle Giant” when he was a student and did not cause problems and was therefore overlooked as being a person who needed help

  • Cameron realized he was ADHD during a presentation at a retreat he was hosting in his own home

  • Cameron goes speaks about what the Quakers believe, how they live and what his job at school entailed. He further discusses the difficulties is ADHD presented him.

  • One of the biggest challenges ADHD presents for Cameron is writing.

  • Cameron struggled in College and took calculus 7 times.

  • Worried his ADHD would prevent him from graduating he hired a coach, without whom he never thought he would graduate.

  • Cameron struggled as an ADHD coach in the beginning


  • Awareness Engagement Completion

  • AEC is a theory developed by Cameron and Denslow Brown aka The Organizer Coach

  • In order to complete a task, you have to engage a task

  • “The problem is not usually the engine, it’s the gearbox” ADHD people spend too much time revving our engines while in neutral.

  • Cameron helps his ADHD clients to discover the tasks they need to do and the ones they can simply shed.

  • People are either too far into awareness and do not achieve completion or they are trying so hard to complete a task that they simply are not aware.

How to reach Cameron Gott

Website – http://thecoachapproachfororganizers.com

Website – http://camerongott.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CameronGottCoach/

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/coachcamg

GooglePlus – https://plus.google.com/+CamerongottCoaching/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/camerongott

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