100: Celebrating ADHD reWired

100: Celebrating ADHD reWired

Celebrating and honoring the tremendous ADHD reWired community, Eric interviews a dozen guests, some of whom have been on the show before, about how the podcast has impacted their lives and what it means to them.

This episode is for the community, the listeners, and all of the many guests who have told their stories, shared their knowledge, and allowed themselves to be vulnerable.

This is what ADHD reWired is all about.

Main Guests:

Lollie Weeks:

  • Lollie was a prior guest during episode 85 when she took part in a group Blab livestream.

  • Diagnosed over 20 years ago, Lollie has two children, both with ADHD, and a husband who she suspects may also have it.

  • A writer, photographer, marketer, web consultant, and recent ADHD parent mentor, Lollie has been looking to help those new to the concept of ADHD find resources and information – an example of which is this podcast.

  • During a late-night potentially insomnia-driven internet spree, she found ADHD reWired.

  • About people without ADHD: “I think they would be truly shocked if they had a moment to live inside our brains.”

  • Recommending podcasts as a great resource for those seeking information, Lollie also mentions those from ADDitude Magazine.

  • Lollie referred a friend of hers to Episode 96: Managing Meds when her friend was struggling with medication for their child.

  • As Lollie was adjusting into being a parent of a child with ADHD, she heard episode 79: Impact ADHD and 73: A Twice-Exceptional Life, both of which had an impact on her.

  • Favorite Episode: ADHD reWired Episode 79: Impact ADHD

  • Favorite Tool or Trick: Alan Brown’s idea of asking yourself the question of “are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing?” and telling one’s brain to “shut up”.

  • Favorite way to reWire ADHD: Create a weekly plan on Sunday nights, then print out a version of your calendar every day and take notes on it.

Nisha Subramanian:

  • On episode 98, Nisha talked about her decision to quit her job.

  • Nisha began listening to ADHD reWired in September after she met Eric in person

  • Favorite Episode: ADHD reWired Episode 92: Brain Hacks and Worthiness with Alan Brown

  • Nisha appreciated how Alan was open and honest enough to admit he still had fear, despite overcoming major challenges and turning his life around.

  • Eric mentions how he still uses a tip he received from Alan in episode 25 – the one-page productivity planner.

  • Favorite Way to reWire ADHD: Nisha has a three step process of self awareness, self acceptance, and self advocacy. Since finishing the ADHD reWired coaching group, she was better able to accept her ADHD and what comes with it, which made the largest difference.

  • Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. It’s having compassion for oneself while continuing to work to the best of one’s ability.

  • When asked about what she would like to see in the future on the show, Nisha asked for a guide of some sort for dealing with and talking to people who doubt that ADHD exists, or give her a hard time over it.

  • Both Eric and Nisha have shared the fear that, because there’s no physical test for ADHD, they would later be proven to not have it following some kind of scientific breakthrough.

Oz du Soleil:

  • Oz was a previous guest on episode 46: Excel At Anything

  • Favorite Episode: Any episode with either Tom Nardone or himself

  • Oz was a guest on Tom Nardone’s podcast, where the two of them discussed their experiences in the navy with ADHD.

  • Since he was last on ADHD reWired, Oz released his first book on Microsoft Excel called Guerilla Data Analysis and has actually written a second unreleased book as well.

  • Favorite Ways to reWire ADHD:

    • Remember to take his medicine, which is challenging sometimes by itself.

    • Maintain a “capture journal” in which Oz will write details from his daily life in the event he needs to look them up later. Those details could include a suggestion from his mechanic or computer equipment model numbers, etc. – it all goes in one place.

  • Recently, Oz hired a professional organizer who worked with him to reduce the clutter in his home – he still had many items packed away in boxes from when he moved in.

  • Importantly for Oz, when the professional organizer saw the clothes he had strewn on top of a chair, she suggested a coat rack as a solution because of how similar yet still more organized it would be.

  • After that suggestion, Oz knew he had the right person.

  • Both Oz and Eric keep dental floss or toothpicks at their desks because they know they’re most likely to actually use them there.

  • “ADHD is riding the bull – and it’s only for the tough. You gotta have a hat, Eric. Or else ADHD will buck you off and you’ll wind up in the abyss with all the unmade decisions.”

Andrew Akre:

  • Andrew is an ADHD coach, himself being diagnosed at around age 10.

  • During the time he was in school, he acknowledged his ADHD, but after that Andrew feels he had, like Doug Harris, sort of a “lost decade” where he dismissed that he had ADHD.

  • In his late 20s, Andrew noticed he wasn’t nearly as productive as he expected or wanted to be. He began visiting a therapist for his ADHD. Around the same time, he had been considering a career change and, with an interest in behavioral sciences, he decided on ADHD coaching.

  • Andrew first saw Eric at the 2014 CHADD conference where he saw Eric talk. It was one of Andrew’s favorite presentations, being about tips, tricks, and tools for productivity, which he needed help with.

  • Episode 75: Shame and Vulnerability with ADHD, with guest Adam Muller, was the first episode Andrew listened to.

  • Favorite Episode: ADHD reWired Episode 42: Seeing My Time, with Marydee Sklar

  • Marydee Sklar’s discussion of “time blindness” and the resources she mentioned during her time on the show impacted Andrew and his practice greatly.

  • Favorite Tool or Trick: Andrew carries small pocket-able notebooks with him to write down information throughout the day. After listening to Ryan McRae on the podcast, Andrew began writing double lines in the notebook each time he would pick it up in order to better separate topics and notes – this made a huge difference in legibility.

  • “Getting your ADHD reWired” infers to Andrew the ideas of malleability, improvement, and forging new paths, as opposed to completely eliminating or wishing away a concept.

Alan Brown:

  • Alan was most recently on episode 92: Brain Hacks and Worthiness.

  • Eric s cites Alan’s episode 25: Crush It! Focus and Entrepreneurship with Alan Brown as one of his favorite interviews – he still uses the Brendan Burcshard one-page productivity planner that was suggested.

  • Alan’s favorite aspects of ADHD reWired are its technical excellence and professionalism. He notes that there really aren’t many other podcasts in the same space that are created to the same standard of quality and that make use of technology nearly as well.

  • Shame, and the manner in which it was discussed on the show, impressed Alan. He feels that Eric does a great job at discussing shame in a way that promotes awareness while also “unlocking a door to action”.

  • To Alan, “reWiring” one’s ADHD, most importantly, comes in the form of expanding one’s idea of what they’re capable of. Many people will relegate themselves to the idea that they simply aren’t the kind of person to perform well in certain areas and on certain tasks. Realizing that one can “reWire” themselves – even a little bit – is a tremendous opportunity.

Jennifer Ratliff:

  • Jennifer was a prior guest on episode 41: ADHD at College.

  • Since then, Jennifer has experienced some problems with her medication, which then lead her to have to continue college without it. Needless to write, it’s been a struggle – especially in classes like Music Industry Contract Law.

  • A fan of the reliability of the podcast, Jennifer gains comfort knowing that she is not alone in her struggles.

  • Favorite Tool or Trick: Breaking up tasks into smaller pieces helps Jennifer make them more manageable – especially when dealing with moving between living spaces while at college.

  • “ReWiring” ADHD means to change how one thinks about ADHD to where they’re not blaming themselves for what is a result of their ADHD.

  • Currently listening to episode 96: Managing Meds, Jennifer hopes to glean a whole lot of useful medication information to help her going forward, as she’s had many problems in the past.

Anne-Marie Nantais:

  • Anne-Marie thanks Eric for creating the ADHD reWired community, with its members who are heavily oriented toward fostering acceptance and battling shame, and with the goal of supporting one-another.

  • The humor, realism, and education Eric brings to the ADHD reWired community are all elements Anne-Marie enjoys about

  • Favorite Episodes: As a former educator, episode 40: The ADHD ADDvantage with DeShawn Wert and episode 89: Exercise the Attention Muscle w/ Mindfulness with Casey Dixon really resonated with Anne-Marie. Hearing their stories inspired her.

  • “There’s something to be said for shining your light wherever you’re at on your path because it can serve as a beacon to others who maybe are at a place where you were.”

  • “ReWiring” her ADHD entailed mainly not applying a negative voice to herself as much when she experiences “ADHD moments”.

  • Favorite Tool or Trick: Being a part of a group during her time in the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group was a huge help to Anne-Marie in that allowed her to share ideas and strategies with others while receiving continual feedback. Highlights for her include learning how to better break down tasks and learning mind-mapping strategies.

Brendan Mahan:

  • Brendan was a prior guest on episode 78: Climbing the Wall of Awful.

  • Instead of favorite episodes, Brendan has favorite guests. One of his favorites is Ryan McRae (#45 and #72)because of how directly relatable his coaching strategies and processing ideas were. Alan Brown (#25 and #92) and Ari Tuckman (#17 and #94) are other favorites of Brendan’s.

  • That Eric could reach 100 episodes is humbling to Brendan – he’s amazed that the regularity of the podcast didn’t disinterest Eric at some point. Eric responds that he now loves podcasting and finds it fun, which drives him.

  • Favorite Tool or Trick: The trick of labeling the negative voice in one’s head with a person’s name, and then using that name to talk to and tell that voice to move on and away has been very helpful. At this point, the voice in Brendan’s head has diminished to the point where he’s now forgotten its initial name.

  • Brendan recommends that the podcast tackle the issue of addiction and ADHD in order to help prevent others from falling into that situation.

  • As a professional, “reWiring” ADHD for Brendan has entailed a much greater interaction with the ADHD community, which has now lead him to pitch a workshop in an upcoming coaching conference – an endeavor he wouldn’t otherwise have attempted.

  • On a personal note, Brendan has made it a point to focus more on the post-action process of “cleaning up” a project, which is often overlooked by those with ADHD.

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