173: Autism, ADHD, Social Executive Functioning and Horses with Chris Nealy

173: Autism, ADHD, Social Executive Functioning and Horses with Chris Nealy

This Week’s Episode:

Chris Nealy earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chris’ research focused on Autism and the family.  Chris currently provides office-based, nature-based, and in-home psychotherapeutic services for individuals, families, couples, and groups affected by Autism and ADHD.  Chris co-owns Halcyon Mental Health in North Carolina.

In this conversation, you will hear Chris and I discuss some of the similarities of ADHD and Autism.  We also consider techniques that are used with people with Autism and how those strategies can work with others.  Chris talks about the strength and challenge that comes with microexpressions.  At the end of the conversation, Chris shares information on equine therapy.  If you would like to hear the bonus content from this conversation, visit our Patreon page.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:23] – Chris shares how he fell into his career.

  • [09:11] – Chris shares his experience when he first took medication for his ADHD.

  • [10:50] – Chris talks about the similarities between Autism and ADHD. This leads to a conversation on how these techniques and strategies can work for different people.

  • [15:15] – Chris explains TEACH. Chris talks about this approach and why it makes sense to him.

  • [20:57] – Chris is currently reading Neurotribes. He talks about the idea of the reframing of diagnoses.

  • [23:24] – We discuss a study of individuals with a diagnosis of ADHD and have traits of Autism. This leads to us talking about the fidget spinner popularity.

  • [28:22] – Chris shares a personal story about not knowing how to do the appropriate thing in public.

  • [37:00] – People with Autism like predictable situations.  Chris and I talk about communication in social situations.

  • [43:41] – We talk about the rare cases that a person with ADHD can qualify for disability.  Chris explains how his diagnosis caused his life insurance policy to double in cost.

  • [52:19] – Chris shares that the strength and challenge come with microexpressions. We discuss our struggles with remembering names and conducting phone calls. I share how not having to masquerade as “normal” has helped me be more normal.

  • [1:06:37] – Tony Attwood talks about a large population of Americans with Asperger’s and Autism in China.  We share some thoughts on the reasons for this and talk more about social context and the necessary complex neurological processes.

  • [1:10:05] – Chris explains why “just” is a four-letter word.

  • [1:10:56] – Chris talks about equine therapy for individuals with Autism.

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