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Individual ADHD coaching


ADHD Coach – Individual Coaching

Skillfully Navigating Life’s Challenges

Utilizing evidence-based practices to transform ADHD overwhelm, distraction, and reactivity into self-regulation, curiosity, and creative problem-solving.

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About me

Hello, I’m Dana Crews. After a 15+ year career in Behavioral Health and Social Work, I made the transition to ADHD Life Coaching in 2020, a journey that revealed I also have ADHD! My background in health care & education equips me with specialized training to offer comprehensive & integrative care for the unique challenges associated with ADHD.

Outside of coaching, I enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking. I spend my in-between moments with my dogs, chickens, turkey, and rabbits. My current project is rebuilding a toterhome to live in with my husband and step-daughter.

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Who I serve

I offer virtual 1-on-1 personalized mindfulness-based ADHD coaching programs for both adults and emerging adults (ages 17-25).

My programs and methods

This is a whole person approach to ADHD coaching. I am a Certified ADHD Services Provider, focused on strength-based interventions to help support neurodiverse clients as they learn to thrive with ADHD. I have been a practitioner and facilitator of meditation and yoga for 25+ years.

Together we’ll take actionable steps to reduce self-judgment, overwhelm, and getting lost in ADHD rabbit holes. Our capacity to tolerate discomfort is precisely how we learn, grow, and change our behaviors.

We’ll focus on developing self-awareness, self-compassion, and resilience. Together, we’ll build a personalized ADHD toolbox. This approach helps to bridge the gap between intention and action, strengthening overall health and mental well-being.


Individual coaching

Pricing is program-based; I do not charge per individual session. Sessions last 45 minutes. Together, we will create a personal workbook focusing on habits, goals, and building a personal ADHD toolbox. I provide real-time support and accountability to clients throughout the week via text and phone. I also send additional resources (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) to clients, related to weekly coaching session topics.

I initially recommend meeting once a week for 12 weeks. The price for this program is $2,500. Before we get started, I require a free consultation to ensure the coaching relationship is the right fit for both of us. Feel free to look at my website to get to know me better. If you’re ready to get started, please schedule a 30-minute consultation.

College programs

This is a multi-level approach, which requires collaboration and integration through university campus centers (including Accessibility Centers, Equity and Inclusion Centers, and/or Counseling Centers). See more details on my website.

If you work for a college or university, I would be delighted to speak with you further. YOU are the best advocate who will make this programming possible. Please schedule a meeting if you are interested in providing this opportunity for your students!

College Students

I also create and facilitate virtual ADHD education, support, and group coaching programs for college students and staff. The purpose of this programing is to:

• Increase retention and graduation rates
• Develop acceptance and awareness around neurodiversity
• Practice skills and strategies to handle the challenges of everyday life with ADHD (especially after moving away from home)

Through psychoeducation and ADHD coaching, students and staff broaden their understanding of what ADHD is, and expand their own toolbox concerning self-regulation and executive function challenges. These include:

• Emotional Regulation
• Time Management
• Prioritizing and Planning
• Memory and Sustained Attention
• Self-Advocacy
• Resilience
• Goal-Oriented Action

My relationship with ADHD reWired

I am thrilled & honored to be a part of the ADHD reWired team! I met Eric Tivers during a 15-minute pre-interview for the ADHD reWired Podcast—we ended up talking for almost 3 hours and are now fast friends! I participated in ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Groups in Spring 2023 (Season 32.3) and followed up with a ADDmin/peer mentor role the next coaching season. I am a member of the coaching alumni community on the Mighty Network, and continue to meet with my Accountability Team every week via Zoom.

On the ADHD reWired Podcast

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Also: Catch me on many Monthly Live Q&A episodes, released every second Tuesday of the month! Here’s my first Q&A episode:

Episode 491 | June 2023 Monthly Live Q&A with Guest Panelist Dana Crews

Whether you’ve gone through ADHD reWired’s group coaching program, or you’re just starting to explore ADHD coaching options, this is a great first step in skillfully navigating your ADHD challenges.

I look forward to working together!

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