340: Coping With 2020 – Panel Discussion

340: Coping With 2020 – Panel Discussion

Has your world stopped amid the pandemic and social unrest?” Listen as your host, Eric, and the ADDmin from season 19 of ADHD reWired coaching and accountability groups. They are discussing how they are getting through this year dealing with COVID and Black Lives Matter. Eric is here with his guests Tena, Karl, Marisol, and Kat.

Marisol starts the panel discussion off with how she has dealt with the pandemic as a teacher and not knowing when she will go back. Kat shares how her life has been the last few months, Tena says that she hasn’t been watching the news, and that’s made it easier to deal with, and Karl discusses trying to home school his son.

They each speak about how they have been doing emotionally and keeping themselves and their families safe from COVID. The panel also discusses how it has affected their parenting and how hard it has been to stay on a schedule. Tena shares how much her business has grown on eBay during the pandemic.

Listen as they all give their insights into Black Lives Matter; they share their stories and how their lives have been impacted by being different or being married to someone who has darker skin. Marisol believes that the key is to start a conversation because once you hear someone else’s story, they stop being black, Hispanic, Asian, etc., and just become people. 

Eric finished the episode by saying register to vote and set up absentee voting because you don’t want to be exposed to the virus if the cases start rising before election day. You can’t make changes if you don’t vote, and you don’t have the right to complain about who is in the office if you don’t vote, the choice is yours.

You’ll learn:

  • [01:57] Welcome to the show, everyone!
  • [03:52] Marisol shares how her life has been these last few months with job uncertainty as a teacher.
  • [06:45] Kat speaks about how she is dealing with the pandemic.
  • [08:56] Kat discusses the group she created called accountabilibuddies.
  • [11:18] Tena shares that she has coped with 2020 by not watching the news.
  • [14:43] Karl says that he is doing well even with the crazy days trying to home school his son.
  • [17:18] He has learned to manage his expectations.
  • [24:42] Marisol discusses how she is doing emotionally.
  • [26:47] Marisol speaks about how bad it was to do homeschooling.
  • [28:48] She believes that COVID-19 will have to run its course like everything else.
  • [32:15] Kat shares that her kid plays soccer and helps her around the house.
  • [33:01] Kat speaks about the guilt she feels because she isn’t having trouble with her son and how grateful she is that he is such a great kid.
  • [35:29] Karl discusses how he is coping with parenting during the pandemic.
  • [38:03] Karl says that the baby’s schedule has kept him on track.
  • [42:45] Tena talks about her adult children and that she is doing good emotionally.
  • [44:16] Tena discusses how great her business is doing on eBay.
  • [45:23] What are the weirdest things that people are buying?
  • [46:50] Eric shares how he has been dealing with COVID itself.
  • [50:32] Karl speaks about how his family is safe during COVID.
  • [53:50] Marisol believes that nothing will get solved until everyone realizes people are individuals and have their own stories.
  • [56:19] She believes what it comes down to is people talking to each other, and you hear their story because then they are not black, Hispanic, Asian; they are people.
  • [58:13] Marisol speaks about being taught that we should all be color blind, but that isn’t how it is today.
  • [1:00:01] Eric shares his guilt around not adding his voice to the BLM conversation because he didn’t know how to address it.
  • [1:00:43] Karl discusses, his husband being Puerto Rican/Jamaican and his son asking about his dad being different.
  • [1:04:05] Tena speaks about places she wasn’t allowed to go because she was white.
  • [1:05:09] Eric discusses where he grew up and being an upper-middle-class in an affluent neighborhood.
  • [1:06:20] He speaks about the topic of a paper he had to write during a semester of school.
  • [1:08:02] A common trait with ADHD is that you feel outraged by social injustice.
  • [1:09:18] Kat discusses her take on diversity.
  • [1:12:15] Kat speaks about people leaning into defensiveness, ambivalence, embarrassment, and discomfort.
  • [1:15:02] Marisol starts a conversation about vaccinations and what happens when we don’t get them.
  • [1:17:59] Eric believes that we have to take care of ourselves and support each other.
  • [1:20:28] Eric says to register to vote and set up for absentee voting.
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