240: Dear ADHD – Special Episode

240: Dear ADHD – Special Episode

This Week’s Episode:

Do you say that you “are ADHD” or say that you “have ADHD?”  Through people-first language, we show that people are more than their diagnosis.  However, over time, I’ve come to appreciate how nuanced language is, and how important it is to let people express their identity.  Living with ADHD is a story.  As we change, so does our relationship with ADHD.

One way I’ve helped people capture their relationship with ADHD is an exercise I’ve been doing with my coaching groups.  I call this exercise, “Dear ADHD.”  I encourage members to write letters to their ADHD.  Since this is ADHD Awareness Month, I invited members of our alumni membership community to write another letter to their ADHD.  What you will hear on this episode is some of those members reading their “Dear ADHD” letters.

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1 thought on “240: Dear ADHD – Special Episode”

  1. I think you could say I am ADHD in the same way that I say I and Deaf. I am not hearing impaired, suffering from deafness, or hard of hearing. I seek out other Deaf people who communicate using American Sign Language and who culturally identify as Deaf. Being Deaf is a spectrum the same way being Autistic is a spectrum. People who experience life through the lens of ADHD are on a spectrum also. I am not saying that there aren’t challenges. But being differently baked is not the same as being disabled. Accommodations in order to navigate a world that is not buikt for us doesn’t make us wrong, just different. Difference is good.

    I saw you on “How to ADHD” on YouTube. I am trying to join your group on Facebook and have friended you here because I want to know more about how you view ADHD. But, I haven’t listened to your podcasts because I am Deaf. Do you offer any of your podcasts in an alternate format?

    Thank you,
    Steph Brumbaugh


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