292: Diagnosis Recontextualized Everything with Brian Behm

292: Diagnosis Recontextualized Everything with Brian Behm

ADHD reWired welcomes Brian Behm to the show. Brian is a freelance creative director and motion artist based in Austin, Texas. His Augmented Reality Streetwear Project, NO_SYS, works to empower and amuse people through secret messages. He is excited about how Augmented Reality plays into the future of Art.

Brian was diagnosed with ADHD last year at age 41. He started researching ADHD, and what he found was eyeopening. He could now explain some of the quirks he had instead of wondering why he had them. Why, when he got in an emotional situation, he would shut down and not be able to talk, and why his brain didn’t kick in on command so that he could finish tasks that needed to be done. 

He left a lucrative job to open his own business doing freelance work. He has done work on many things like the Grammy’s and a backdrop for a Diana Ross concert. His lack of time management sometimes causes him to say yes to projects when he shouldn’t, but he is still a work in progress and doing very well.

Listen in to this conversation about discovery, trials, and reinventing oneself. Brian tells us about being in an Ironman Triathalon, working on Indie films and a new project called Augmented Reality Streetwear that he is excited about. He isn’t letting ADHD stop him; he is learning how to stop ADHD and living his life around it. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [02:47] Welcome to the show, Brian!
  • [03:00] Eric and Brian chat about giant cold beverages to combat the heat in Austin, TX
  • [03:34] Brian speaks about being diagnosed with ADHD at age 41.
  • [04:51] He talks to us about his last job with Rooster Teeth and what led to him leaving that job.
  • [07:42] Brian didn’t know that there was an emotional to ADHD until he started learning about it.
  • [09:26] They talk about doing everything except what they need to do and the reasons for that.
  • [10:50] Brian says when he gets into an emotional situation, he can’t talk and shuts down.
  • [15:58] Brian tells a story about a co-worker that was a brilliant animator.
  • [21:14] His schedule is horrible, and his time management is atrocious.
  • [21:53] What did it feel like when you took your medicine for ADHD for the first time?
  • [24:52] He talks about an assault in his 20’s and how the fear changed how he handled his life.
  • [27:08] Brian speaks about the trauma he was going through when he left his job. The shame of not being able to deliver the project.
  • [28:28] He had a friend send him a clip of Robin Williams telling Matt Damon in Goodwill Hunting, ‘It’s not your fault’ it helped him so much.
  • [30:11] Have you ever felt the need to do a type of 12 step program with your ADHD diagnosis?
  • [39:45] He has done work for the Grammy’s, and he has done drape background for Diana Ross.
  • [41:45] Have you ever turned a project down that you didn’t have time for, but you were scared that they wouldn’t ask you to work with them again?
  • [46:39] Brian discusses feeling so good for a few weeks that you almost forget you have ADHD and then bam it rears its head again.
  • [47:56] He talks about doing a mastermind with Seth Godin.
  • [50.34] Brian speaks about an Ironman Triathalon that he competed in and how stressed his system was.
  • [57:23] Brian says how helpful this podcast has been for him while trying to figure out ADHD.
  • [58:01] He talks about books that have helped him and chasing down what other people are reading.
  • [1:00:45] Brian tells us how to find him on social media.
  • [1:02:01] Would you wear a shirt that says I hate my boss if he couldn’t see that it said that?
  • [01:03:44] Thank you to the listeners for submitting the questions for today’s show.
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