111: ADHD Strategies with Doug Puryear

Dr. Doug Puryear, over the last few years, has established himself a blogger an author and an advocate for ADHD people and professionals. Doug provides real life strategies for those with ADHD to learn ways to cope with the problems they have has a result.

In this episode, one of the ADHD community’s heroes, Doug Puryear, joins the ADHD reWired virtual studios.

Doug shares details of his life seemingly without fear or reservation. This certainly is among the more powerful episodes of ADHD reWired. Doug speaks about his childhood with ADHD and the abuse he suffered. Doug battled most of his life with ADHD and was not aware of it until age 64. Doug has a new book out called “The Bully” This is the story of Doug going from being a bully to being the fun-loving guy so many have come to love.

Connect with Doug Puryear

Website: http://addadultstrategies.com

Books by Dr. Doug Puryear

Dr Doug Puryear - Living Daily With Adult ADHD Dr Doug Puryear - The Bully A Story of Violence and Transformation Dr Doug Puryear - Your Life Can Be Better

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