149: OCD and ADHD

OCD and ADHD, with Dr Roberto Olivardia | ADHD reWired

149: OCD and ADHD

Dr. Roberto Olivardia returns to the podcast this week to talk about OCD and ADHD. Roberto is a clinical psychologist and an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

30% of people with OCD also have ADHD. In this conversation, you will hear Roberto and I talk about some of the traits of OCD, specifically when it exists with ADHD. Roberto states that, “OCD always gets worse without treatment” and he describes some of his personal experiences as a clinical psychologist.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:55] – Roberto talks about the frequency that OCD and ADHD coexist. 30% of the people that have OCD also have ADHD.

  • [8:20] – There’s a lot of misconceptions about OCD. Roberto defines and describes OCD.

  • [13:00] – Roberto provides an example of what real-life OCD is like.

  • [15:15] – Roberto explains teasing out what is OCD and what is ADHD when he works with people that have both.

  • [22:00] – Roberto shares some of his personal traits and habits.

  • [27:17] – Roberto explains that many of his patients that have ADHD and OCD are unable to take medication for ADHD because it causes them to have better focus on their obsessions.

  • [33:55] – Roberto talks about a recent session with one of his clients. In this session, Roberto ended up with a knife to his throat.

  • [37:05] – Roberto shares an example of a teenage client with OCD and ADHD.

  • [39:59] – Roberto talks about his experience with PANDAS.

  • [41:50] – We talk about Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).

  • [51:52] – I ask a question about workaholism with people with OCD and ADHD.


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