360: Entrepreneur Thinking To Solve Education with Adrien Harrison

360: Entrepreneur Thinking To Solve Education with Adrien Harrison

Have they labeled you or your child a misbehaving kid? Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Adrien Harrison discuss why he was labeled a misbehaving kid, changing schools, quitting university, and a podcast that changed his life, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Adrien is a serial entrepreneur specializing in education technology, digital healthcare, and he has had his own rocky road with education. As the Founder and CEO of Smart Course, he’s focused on solving all of education’s failures, especially for kids with special needs, by bringing together the world’s leading experts and the most effective treatments and strategies. Smart Course is making sure all kids get access to equal opportunity, a solid education, and a chance to thrive. 

Adrien shares his academic background, the differences in education he found in France, United States, and England, and what he did during the year he took off from university. He also talks about a startup he did as a college project that made him realize being an entrepreneur was for him.

Listen, as Adrien discusses starting a small website building business with his parents’ friends, how he wanted to grow his business and why revolutionizing the education system for special needs kids became so important. Adrien believes that career readiness is much more important than good grades, which is how Smart Course is structured.

Adrien’s path for his company is to be ready so that when the internet is available worldwide, they will be ready and available to help low-income and impoverished children get a good solid education that will help them build careers. 

Go to to register for the ADHD Smart Summit. They bring together the best ADHD experts in the world to teach you everything they know about dealing with ADHD.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:55] Welcome to the show, Adrien!
  • [05:16] Adrien shares his story. 
  • [08:07] He speaks about what he saw as a child with education and his conversations with the Dean.
  • [09:21] Adrien discusses going to an American boarding school and the difference in the support he got versus the French school system.
  • [12:25] Going to college does not guarantee you will get a job.
  • [14:24] Adrien shares what kind of startup he helped build in university.
  • [16:34] Adrien talks about what he did when he took a gap year from college.
  • [18:50] Adrien speaks about a podcast he listened to that changed his life.
  • [21:53] Adrien discusses realizing that he had value to offer to people of his parents’ generation that hadn’t grown up with computers and social media.
  • [29:26] While building very inexpensive websites, he started thinking about digital marketing as a way to expand his business.
  • [31:38] Adrien shares what was important about a course that he took.
  • [35:15] He decided he wanted to revolutionize the education system.
  • [38:57] How will you bridge the gap that will allow lower-income people to know about and participate in what you want to accomplish?
  • [40:48] Adrien what his definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is.
  • [41:53] Eric believes the educational system was designed for.
  • [44:18] The best way to help families is to help their kids do well.
  • [48:21] Adrien believes that career readiness is more important than grades.
  • [54:31] Adrien suspects he has ADHD but has never been diagnosed.
  • [55:32] Adrien shares how everything came full circle when he called his middle school dean and found out he had ADHD.
  • [57:27] He wanted to create a course on ADHD in the middle school years.
  • [1:00:40] Adrien speaks about how to get to the root cause.
  • [1:01:15] Adrien discusses Smart Course and what it covers.
  • [1:04:54] He shares a blog he thinks people should read.
  • [107:58] Thank you so much for being on the show!
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