372: Entrepreneurship and Rejection Sensitivity with Diann Wingert

372: Entrepreneurship and Rejection Sensitivity with Diann Wingert

“There is nothing wrong with being sensitive; being sensitive is a gift.” Listen as my guest, Diann Wingert, a former psychotherapist turned mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs with ADHD traits (officially diagnosed or not) discusses her belief that people learn how to deal with ADHD continuously throughout their lives, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Listen as Diann shares that some people get misdiagnosed as Bipolar or as having a borderline personality disorder because of extreme rejection sensitivity. Diann speaks about the two reasons she likes to call it rejection sensitivity and how rejection sensitivity intersects with ADHD and entrepreneurship.

Diann discusses how scary it is to start a new business, how being sensitive is a beautiful thing, and that you are no longer open to any constructive feedback when you don’t care at all what people think. Diann also talks about extreme ownership and what it took for her to realize that she wasn’t taking ownership of her life after her divorce. Eric discusses the book Extreme Ownership: How US NAVY Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and what he’s learned from it.

Remember, we can do hard things, but we don’t need to do them in the hardest way possible. Anytime you are doing something hard, you need to lean into it and know who you are and what you bring to the experience.

You’ll learn:

  • [03:18] Welcome back to the show, Diann!
  • [04:19] Diann shares why she calls it rejection sensitivity instead of RSD.
  • [07:05] Diann believes people are figuring out ADHD continuously throughout their lives.
  • [08:30] Diann shares a story about the first ADHD conference she attended.
  • [10:00] Because of extreme rejection sensitivity, some people get misdiagnosed as Bipolar or borderline personality disorder.
  • [10:18] Listen as Diann discusses the two reasons she likes to call it rejection sensitivity.
  • [12: 38] Diann speaks about entrepreneurship and ADHD, and it intersects with rejection sensitivity.
  • [14:46] Eric shares an interesting situation in his alumni community.
  • [17:55] New level, new devil, we continuously evolve, and every time we hit a new level, we get a new set of issues to solve.
  • [23:39] Diann discusses how scary it is to put yourself out there by starting a new business and asking for a sale.
  • [26:30] Being sensitive is a beautiful thing, but it comes with a vulnerability that we need to recognize and manage.
  • [30:03] Diann says that when you don’t care at all what other people think, you are no longer open to anything constructive in the way of feedback.
  • [33:39] What is the difference between being misunderstood versus someone rejecting you for what you think because they don’t agree with it?
  • [37:51] Eric shares what his wife at the time said to him when he decided to become self-employed.
  • [41:52] Diann speaks about being divorced and how she was treated after her second divorce.
  • [47:49] What does embracing extreme ownership mean to you?
  • [51:21] Eric talks about the book Extreme Ownership.
  • [52:25] Diann shares where she was when she started to understand extreme ownership.
  • [57:26] Anytime we are doing something hard, we have to lean into it and know who we are and what we are bringing into the experience.
  • [58:25] We can do hard things! But we don’t need to do them in the hardest way possible.
  • [59:48] Thank you so much for being on the show!
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