323: Feedback and Leadership with Peter Montoya

“Feedback is the oxygen of growth.” Listen, as Eric and his guest Peter Montoya discuss what he means by this and why feedback should always be done confidentially. Peter talks about leadership development, conquering challenges, and the real-life experiences that drive his insights and ideas.

Peter Montoya is the best-selling author of “The Brand Called You” and his latest books, “Meetings Without Walls” & “Leadership Power”. He’s also a sought-after and highly motivational keynote speaker and leadership development strategist, specializing in developing high-performance teams. To find Peter, visit www.PeterMontoya.com or call (949) 334-7070.

Peter discusses what led to his ADHD diagnosis, how he tames his beast of a mind, and the barriers people have with self-reflection. Peter shares his secret sauce for helping people have better meetings and the three key steps to take to make them successful. Leadership development is the number one job of leaders today.

Do you have trouble staying on task? Listen as Peter shares how he keeps focused on what he needs to do. He speaks about how leaders need to steer meetings and pull them back when they go off task, how to ask people for feedback, and accepting feedback without feeling defensive. Defensiveness is neurobiologically natural and healthy, we are wired to protect the image we want people to have of us.

Peter is a triple threat, a gifted speaker, best-selling author, and successful entrepreneur. He has done so much in his life, and you won’t want to miss him telling us some key things he has picked up along the way.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:06] Welcome to the show, Peter!
  • [02:26] Peter shares what he means by feedback is the oxygen of growth.
  • [03:53] Peter says you should make sure your feedback is kind, honest, and specific.
  • [05:12] Eric shares that sometimes feedback is delivered in two ways.
  • [07:22] Peter speaks about how he was shamed in eighth grade.
  • [09:58] When did you find out you had ADHD?
  • [11:08] Peter discusses what it’s like being an attendee at workshops.
  • [14:30] Does it make you mad to not be understood?
  • [15:52] Peter shares what he had to do to tame his beast of a mind.
  • [17:04] Peter speaks about the barriers people have with self-reflection.
  • [23:38] Peter shared his secret sauce for helping people have better meetings.
  • [25:26] What are the critical steps to having a successful meeting?
  • [27:23] Leadership development is the number one job of leaders today.
  • [29:16] Peter speaks about how he stays on task and follows through with what needs to be done.
  • [33:18] Peter shares suggestions on grabbing the key takeaway of a meeting in a more efficient way.
  • [34:37] What do you do to bring a meeting back on task?
  • [35:24] Peter speaks about how long and what he does to prepare for a meeting.
  • [36:53] How long do you think a meeting should last? Should meetings be fun?
  • [42:09] Peter shares how to ask people for feedback.
  • [43:57] Peter speaks about what you should do if you get defensive while getting feedback.
  • [46:17] Eric says that defensiveness is neurobiologically natural and healthy, we are wired to protect the image we want people to have of us.
  • [48:48] What is the most influential piece of feedback you have ever received?
  • [51:11] Peter speaks about how he keeps himself mindful when he tends to do something that isn’t helpful in meetings.
  • [53:54] Peter shares how people can learn more about him and his company.
  • [54:36] Peter, thank you so much for sharing this time with us.
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