30: Focus on Fire with John Lee Dumas

My guest this episode is John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning EntrepreneurOnFire podcast and the leader of a trio of web communities that includes Podcasters’ Paradise.

About John

  • Publishes his entrepreneurial podcast EntrepreneurOnFire seven days per week, maintaining over 700 episodes

  • Leads the Fire Nation Elite, Webinar on Fire, and Podcasters’ Paradise communities

  • Runs free weekly workshops on both podcasting and running webinars

  • (Does not have ADHD)

Eric and John Discuss

  • The “Shiny Object Syndrome” mentioned by some other podcasters

  • John’s impression of what it means for someone to have ADHD

  • Hyperfocus and its effects

  • Programs and applications John uses to stay on top of his work

  • Interesting uses for the Pomodoro technique of time management

John mentions:

  • His mantra on focus: follow one course until success

  • Many entrepreneurs are unable to follow through with the “one inch wide and one mile deep” methodology of completing a job

  • The book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller (also available as an audio-book)

  • Segmenting time in order to follow one course

  • Saying to oneself that you’re going to take two hours and focus on one task without distractions before allowing yourself to spend time on any other tasks

  • Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Programs and Services Mentioned:

(Random) Focused Question Round

  • How far can you speak though the alphabet while counting up from one to twenty-six in between each letter without pausing?

  • Quickly order the days of the week alphabetically

  • Backwards digit spam

  • A lengthy math-based “story problem”

John’s Parting Message

Look at the chain of inspiration from John to Eric, and on to the listeners of ADHD reWired, and then imagine how you, as a listener, might go on to inspire others. He hopes listeners will continue on though this ripple effect to inspire many others.

Go to eofire.com/gift to receive a free copy of John’s book, Podcast Launch.

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