326: Holey ADHD with Marissa Marangoni

326: Holey ADHD with Marissa Marangoni

Has taking medication for your ADHD changed your life? Eric and his guest, Marissa Marangoni, discuss what led her to look for a diagnosis for ADHD, her difficulties in college and grad school, and the challenges of working for herself on this episode of ADHD reWired. 

Marissa is a mom, a writer, and a former teacher. She runs Marangoni Write and Design, where she works as an instructional designer and technical writer. Marissa writes creatively and podcasts when she’s not working or spending time with her son. She loves lists, popcorn, and baking, animals, sweating, and deep human connection.

Listen as Marissa shares her struggles through high school, college, and grad school without knowing she had ADHD. Her challenges with sensory processing, she shares that she cannot sleep with any noises that aren’t even and steady. Marissa also has a powerful sense of smell, and her sense of touch keeps her from liking the feel of fleece on her skin.

Marissa discusses some things that have been very helpful in dealing with her ADHD, like medication and Eric’s coaching groups. She shares that the medication she is on has a lot, and if they had diagnosed her earlier, she wouldn’t have had to work so hard in school. Marissa talks about the podcast she started with a friend with ADHD called ‘The Holey Happy Podcast.‘ 

Eric and Marissa have a great conversation about some of their struggles with ADHD. Listen to see if you can pick up any tips or tricks that will help you as you travel the same journey they have.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:27] Welcome to the show, Marissa!
  • [02:45] Marissa shares what brought her to get her diagnosis with ADHD.
  • [04:06] When you watched videos on ADHD, were there things that you recognized in yourself?
  • [09:55] Marissa speaks about not being able to absorb what she was reading, which is crazy since she is a writer.
  • [10:25] Marissa shares how she got through literature classes.
  • [11:00] Do you love cliff notes? Did they help you understand what you were reading?
  • [14:02] She discusses how she memorized everything to get through high school, but it didn’t work so well in college.
  • [16:41] Once she got her second master’s degree, she became a literature teacher.
  • [24:48] Marissa discusses the challenges she has around sensory processing.
  • [25:15] She speaks about her issues with sleeping and why she needs a white noise machine. 
  • [28:33] Marissa says that distinct smells will wake her up.
  • [30:30] She describes the feel of fleece on her skin, but she loves a weighted blanket.
  • [33:19] Do you have any senses that aren’t as intense?
  • [34:20] Eric and Marissa discuss their difficulties with their vision and wonder if their other senses are so keen to make up for their vision issues.
  • [37:20] Marissa chats about having eye surgeries when she was a kid.
  • [41:05] Marissa discusses her podcast called ‘Holey Happy.’
  • [43:08] What are some things that have been the most helpful in managing your ADHD?
  • [45:11] Eric and Marissa talk about the medication she is on.
  • [46:56] Do generic drugs affect you differently than brand names?
  • [49:07] Marissa shares how joining one of Eric’s coaching groups has helped.
  • [50:11] Marissa speaks about some things she took away from the coaching groups.
  • [53:08] The group helped Marissa with anxiousness.
  • [55:40] Thank you so much for coming on the show!
  • [57:26] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and on our Patreon at 

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