285: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 2

285: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 2

Genevieve’s coaching session was so good we had to break it into 2 parts. Last week we discussed a variety of topics, but this week we dig deeper. Genevieve has a variety of passions but finding the time and energy to not only start them but complete them has been a struggle.

Genevieve discusses several business ventures she has considered and started and we dig into how those ventures can support her. We also discuss ways she can stay on track and create success. She has a lot of passions and philanthropic goals, so helping her complete those goals is important.

Genevieve really did have some amazing ideas and questions. Listen in if you’ve had any issues staying on track in your business and life. If you didn’t listen to part I, go back now and hear how we tackled some of the issues leading into Genevieve’s business creation.

Your Resources:

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:07] Listen as Eric introduces Part 2 of Genevieve’s interview with a listener comment.
  • [03:14] How do you figure out your priorities when you have multiple passions? 
  • [07:27] Genevieve shares the passions she wants to pursue.
  • [10:41] We unpack how YouTube can be monetized.
  • [14:53] Are there any connections between Genevieve’s various passions and goals? 
  • [20:02] Can Genevieve connect her Etsy work and her YouTube work? 
  • [21:37] What will pay the bills? What strategy has Genevieve employed?
  • [28:04] Why is procrastinating on purpose important? 
  • [31:53] What can you do that makes everything else easier? 
  • [40:39] Back from the break and how do you remember the one thing that needs to be done? 
  • [41:42] What could get in the way of doing the ONE thing? 
  • [45:50] Determining the timing of task is very important.
  • [50:24] Are Genevieve’s next steps clear? 
  • [55:33] The more we say no to, the more we get done.
  • [1:00:58] What could Genevieve do to systematize her time?
  • [1:04:23] Connect with Genevieve.
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1 thought on “285: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 2”

  1. Thank you both for these episodes. Hearing you guys talk about Geneviève’s situation helped me look at my own more clearly (espcially the need for procrastinating on purpose). Great episodes!

    Incidentally, do you have a link to Geneviève’s Etsy shop? 🙂


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