284: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 1

284: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 1

There is a fine line between feeling broken and feeling different. Today’s guest is Geneviève Sévigny, who was recently re-diagnosed with ADHD. She has been struggling with how to connect to her friends and ways that she can discuss her symptoms with them. 

This is a 2-part episode chock full of ways that you can approach well-meaning friends and acquaintances when they say things that set you on edge. Geneviève is open and honest about her struggles and beliefs and the conversation was so seamless that we went way over the normal span of an episode. Get ready to dig into the beliefs you have about your diagnosis and how it affects your life.

We also discuss some of the internal conversations we have with ourselves and how our self-talk affects our relationships and worldview. Geneviève shares her struggles in the hope that others feel less alone and can learn from her experience. You won’t want to miss this 2-part episode.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:53] Welcome back to the show as we discuss the feeling of brokenness.
  • [04:27] How do you stop feeling like you’re broken and lazy?
  • [10:25] What are some ways to discuss the symptoms with friends without frustration?
  • [16:26] Ways to respond when friends say, “I do that too!”
  • [28:25] Back from the break and working to understand ourselves and our gifts.
  • [33:59] We discuss the implications of, “It’s not me, it’s my ADHD.” 
  • [42:12] Geneviève shares why the French think of ADHD as lunacy.
  • [48:30] What sucks more than ADHD? Brain injuries!
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3 thoughts on “284: I’m not Broken, I’m Different with Geneviève Sévigny part 1”

  1. Every chamber of my heart hurt hearing Geneviève’s expressions. I paused and cried so many times throughout this interview.
    Absolutely fantastic questions to draw out pure gold for us listeners!!!

    I love ya for that and for your help with us ADD/ADHDers


  2. Thank you Dan for sharing this. I’ve had moments like that listening to other podcasts, or books, so I know the feeling. I’m glad to hear this episode connected with you.
    I’m wondering what your biggest takeaways were. If you see my reply and you’re inspired to share, I’d love to know.

    Another great way to say thanks is to become a Patron on Patreon.

  3. Not sure if it was part 1 or 2 but the whole Lunatic “French word” thing, I totally grew up with that, the expression was slightly different but means the same thing, basically to be spaced out. It was so demeaning and demoralizing, came mostly from family but I remember a teacher using it to describe me.


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