52: Follow Your Attention

Jeff Copper: Follow Your Attention | ADHD reWired

52: Follow Your Attention

Attention Talk Radio Host & Coach Jeff Copper

Attention coach and host of the Attention Talk Radio podcast, Jeff Copper joins us to talk through his history with not just ADHD, but dyslexia as well. Providing insight and examples his personal experiences, Jeff describes his mentality regarding his dyslexia, coaching, and how following the path his attention laid out for him has lead him to success.

About Jeff:

  • Jeff is the host of Attention Talk Radio, one of the largest ADHD-centric podcasts.

  • Diagnosed with both ADHD and dyslexia himself, Jeff also works as, what he calls, an attention coach.

  • Even at a young age, Jeff felt frustrated with his academic studies; in particular, subjects requiring a lot of memorization, recall, or individualized steps provided the most challenge.

  • While academics were frustrating, Jeff found he was very enthusiastic about sports. He started competitive swimming at age eleven and was later awarded a college scholarship for the sport.

ADHD and Dyslexia:

  • Dyslexia, for Jeff, is mostly an issue with his ability to recall information. He’ll be able to feel which words he wants to say, but not speak them properly.

  • Sometimes when reading, Jeff’s mind will retrieve the wrong word or letter (e.g. thought and through, “b” and “d”), as if his mind is retrieving the wrong file from its archives.

  • Reading text cold, without any preparation, has always been a problem for Jeff.

  • While mathematics using a lot of symbols, like algebra, was very challenging, probability math came much more naturally because of its more obvious applications and how much easier it was to visualize.

  • The higher Jeff progressed in school, the better he tended to do. While he wouldn’t have gone to college without his swimming scholarship, by the time he was studying and testing for his MBA, he had close to perfect scores.

  • Eric: Our brains light up when we’re doing things we’re interested in.

  • Jeff: It’s like knowing how to switch between watching a broadcast TV channel and a DVD player in an entertainment system set-up. The exact steps to complete the switch may be noticeably different between two different people’s home set-ups, but if one knows the basics of how the overall structure of an entertainment system tends to work, it is then easier to figure out how to do accomplish the same tasks across different systems. Learning a unique set-by-step process each time would be much more challenging.

  • Working as VP of Business Development at a company, Jeff was asked suddenly at a gathering to read a number of plaques as part of a presentation. To avoid the situation, he lied and said he had forgotten his contact lenses.

Perspective and Coaching:

  • If Jeff were to try to complete a puzzle, it would normally be very challenging. But, if he was able to see a completed version first, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

  • Labels himself as an attention coach

  • Your attention is like a compass that points in the direction you naturally want to go, If you can drop preconceived notions and just follow it, it will tell you where your answers are.

  • A couple came to Jeff wanting him to coach them on cleaning their dining room table. After asking what sort of objects were on the table and where it was positioned within the house, Jeff derived that their dining room table had become a “sorting table” they used to hold items before they would then be sorted to other places in the house.

Products Mentioned:

  • The Dyslexic Advantage by Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide

Random Question Round:

  • If you were to create a unique invention, or would like improve an existing product or service, what would it be?

  • Table Topics, “right or wrong” edition:

    • Have you ever done anything out of jealousy that you’re ashamed of?

    • Is it wrong to monitor an employee’s computer activity?

  • Do you have a moral hero?

  • Jeff: If a man is in the woods by himself and he speaks, is he still wrong?

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