334: July 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

334: July 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

“Do you have a problem prioritizing” Listen as Eric Tivers with his guests, Brendan Mahan, and Will Curb answer questions from the listeners in our monthly Q & A session of ADHD reWired. We are taking questions from you, the listener, about situations you want to talk through. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional; we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. 

Daniel starts the questions with one around lack of motivation and follow through and how to tell if it’s from ADHD or depression. Christina wants to know how to set a routine and follow through for over two weeks because that’s when she stops, and Tony is struggling with behavior around emotional flooding.

Sheila asks for suggestions on how to turn the TV and computer off at night, and the consensus is to set the time on both to shut off at a given time, therefore taking the decision out of your hands. Victor wants to know what the chances are of being misdiagnosed with ADHD when it is actually complex PTSD. Eric shares that they are both disorders, and their symptoms are similar.

Pat wants to discuss being a new dad with ADHD and his need to stay busy. Stephanie is writing a book and is asking for ways to hold herself accountable so she can get more done each day, and Kendra is always distracted and overbooked and is looking for help to keep from saying yes to everyone who wants her help. Will shares that every time you say yes, you are saying no to something else, and Brendon tells her to have a not-to-do list.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [02:41] Welcome to our monthly Q & A with Will Curb and Brendan Mahan.
  • [03:04] Daniel has a question about motivation and follow through and when to know if it’s from depression or ADHD.
  • [05:03] Will gives his insight into this question.
  • [07:19] Christina asks a question about making new routines and being consistent with them.
  • [09:51] Eric speaks about ways to self regulate.
  • [13:18] Why do you recommend an external timer instead of an app timer?
  • [13:32] Will explains why this is recommended.
  • [15:21] Tony wants to know about tools to handle certain behaviors he has been struggling with.
  • [21:14] Brendon addresses this question with examples of how he handles it.
  • [22:53] Eric speaks about his issues with having hard conversations.
  • [25:20] If it’s easier to write things down than talk to someone, write things down in advance.
  • [28:30] Eric speaks about talking to his therapist and sharing what’s in his head.
  • [30:40] Sheila asks for suggestions on how to turn off the tv and computer at night.
  • [31:09] Eric discusses what has worked for him.
  • [34:40] Victor wants to know the chances of a person being misdiagnosed with ADHD when they have complex PTSD.
  • [36:17] Eric believes there is a very high correlation between the two.
  • [37:43] Brendan gives his insights into this issue.
  • [39:46] Pat has a question about tactics, inspirations, or war stories related to being a new dad that doesn’t sit very well.
  • [44:55] Will explains what he thinks is going on with Pat.
  • [46:56] Brendan believes that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks; you are doing it right.
  • [49:30] Eric believes that as parents, we judge ourselves too harshly.
  • [52:07] Stephanie asks how she can hold herself accountable when writing a book.
  • [52:44] Eric shares that when you have ADHD, you must ask someone else to hold you accountable.
  • [54:08] Will suggests that she set herself goals.
  • [57:30] Brendan says that accountability buddies do not work for him.
  • [59:25] Kendra’s question is about being distracted all the time, and how to combat her lack of focus.
  • [1:01:06] Eric discusses Kendra’s self-regulation and having too much on her plate.
  • [1:03:11] Brendan speaks about a not-to-do list.
  • [1:05:42] Will adds a few suggestions to the conversation.
  • [1:07:31] Every time you say yes, you are saying no to everything else.
  • [1:10:05] Thank you for all of your questions.
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