231: July Q & A

231: July Q & A

This Week’s Episode:

This episode is the recording of July’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A.  In this conversation, you will hear us discuss perfectionism, procrastination, and many other topics.  You will even hear what prompted me to request a medication change.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [06:13] – Brendan launched his coaching group the day this was recorded.  Brendan talks about making structure and systems successful, which he covered with this group.
  • [09:33] – I explain why I recently requested a medication change.
  • [12:25] – Brendan puts on his coaching hat with me.
  • [13:52] – Erica asks why perfectionism has such an effect on people with ADHD.  We share our personal thoughts and experiences on this topic.
  • [22:12] – Sara weighs in from the chat and says, “Procrastination is my out from perfectionism.”  This can be a good strategy.
  • [22:50] – Marisol asks how to stop the drive of perfectionism when you recognize it.
  • [25:37] – Marisol has a follow-up question.  She says that at the moment, she acknowledges she’s overdoing it, but it’s hard to stop.
  • [28:40] – Brendan talks about disconnecting physically, but struggling to disconnect mentally.
  • [36:05] – Sara says that when her students use fidgets, it’s distracting for others.  Brendan explains that her students need to understand it’s a fidget, not a toy.  I also share my feelings on this topic.
  • [41:35] – Gina asks the difference between rejection sensitive dysmorphia and regular rejection feeling bad.
  • [45:59] – Carl joins the call.  His husband has done a lot of research about ADHD, but at times, he sees Carl’s ADHD as work.  He would like his husband to understand his struggles.

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Procrastination on Purpose: 5 Permissions on Multiply Your Time – Rory Vaden


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1 thought on “231: July Q & A”

  1. Thanks Brendan for the suggestion about doing the dishes while listening to the podcast. As soon as you mentioned it I went and did that. 🙂

    Interesting discussion about perfectionism. I have always had a completely different take on it. I’ve had perfectionist tendencies from as far back as I can remember, or at least was always told that I was a perfectionist. In my case I attribute it partly to hyper focus or difficulty transitioning out of an activity and partly to being just the way my brain works (as in seeing nothing but details). It’s not anything emotional as you both described, it’s just always been there. I’ve come to accept it and kind of think of it as being a built in aspect of my adhd.
    Just shows how a term like “perfectionism” can mean such different things to different people.


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